I’m taking a break from cleaning the bedroom; the one room off limits for the maid because of all of the pocketable things. While I clean I usually put on the Melody Hits channel, its like MTV for Arab music but back when MTV still played music, not reality shows. I heard a strange song and went into the livingroom to check it out and found the oddest looking female singer I’ve yet to see. At first I thought she was Moroccan from the clothes she was wearing, I think the video was supposed to be in Morocco, but she had so much plastic surgery there was no way she was anything but Lebanese.

I did a quick search and sure enough, Lebanese. The female singers all look the same, like varied versions of Nancy Ajram. This woman, Nourhanne, looked like the love child that would result if Cher’s face and Marilyn Manson mated.

Believe it or not she probably paid a lot to look that ugly. She looked worse in the video. Also earlier on today another female singer, possibly also Lebanese, looked so much like a transvestite that I’m still not fully convinced that she is not. However I did not catch her name because I didn’t stick around to watch the video.

Anyone who watched Arabic music videos knows what I’m talking about. You can always tell the Lebanese singers by their copious amounts of plastic surgery. Not that singers from other countries don’t get it done as well, of course they do, but there is something special about the amount of it that Lebanese singers get.

No matter how much surgery Egyptian singers like Ruby or Sherien get they don’t like anything like each other.

Ruby (the Vice-Ho of Arab music)


But Lebanese singers:

Nancy Ajram

Whor Haifa


Anyways. Moral of the story: just say no to plastic surgery.


12 responses to “Cleaning

  1. I agree there are many transvesttite-looking Lebanese singers, and I have seen Nourhanne before. I always thought of Ruby and Sherine as more natural and beautiful, with a unique look. I loved that the egyptians singers were not pasty white either and showed the color and diversity amongst Arabs.

  2. Oh yeah, I love Elissa, maybe because all my aunts and mother looked like her naturally in their teens and twenties. She is really pretty.

  3. haha. So true. I don’t mind Elissa, I can stand Nancy but I HATE Haifa and Ruby.

  4. Salaam Alaikum,

    I think you’re being a bit mean to transgendered individuals by comparing them to the likes of Nancy!

    Anyway, have you never seen the Country Music Awards, they’ve all got the same nose there too. 😉

  5. To tell you the truth, I’ve not heard or seen any of these performers, but I think they look pretty good, plastic surgery or not.

    These photos are not about reality; they are about fantasy, dreams, impossible wishes, and flights of fancy.

    The same could be said of most pop artists’ photos, no matter what the nationality, no?

  6. wallahi i showed my friend the first picture and she thought she was born a man.

  7. The poor cat on Nourhanne’s boob should be put out of its misery…

  8. I always have to laugh at “Haifa”–if you pronounce her name wrong in Arabic, it means “empty-headed”–which I surely think she is–lol!

  9. “love child that would result if Cher’s face and Marilyn Manson mated.”
    Spot on, hehhe. I too think Elissa is beautiful and I was never able to grasp why people thought Haifa is beautiful. I’m sorry to Haifa fan’s out there but, the only special thing ’bout her is her plastic rack. if you’re a guy, scratch that, If you like her, it says a lot ’bout you*cough* perv*cough*. Is it me, or are the cat’s eyes way misplaced in the 2nd picture?

  10. lol Molly is this the best blog post EVER!! hehe

  11. Molly this is the best blog post ever!!!

  12. Hilarious! I have coincidentally been less than 5 feet from Haifa Wahbe twice in the past few years (not sure why, she must be stalking me). Her face looks plastic on photos but that’s NOTHING compared to close up. It’s like she’s got a mask on. The first time I saw her was in an elevator (I was already in, she got in the next floor..stalker!) and after she got out and the lift started moving again, everyone remaining in the lift started laughing and gesturing to each other that her face looked so plastic. It was like a stretched doll mask. Horrific!

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