A Little Blue

I do not want to go to work today.

I’m a little blue. Yesterday my mom graduated with her Masters of Nurse Practitioner so now she’s 3/4 of a Doctor. I’m so happy for her, its been two years of hard schooling, a lot of which she struggled through, but she’s so smart and capable and just plain wonderful that I never doubted that she would be standing there for graduation.

I never stopped to think that maybe I wouldn’t be.

I never imagined that I would be stuck here while something so phenomenal was happening in my mom’s life. It hurts that I’ve missed it and yes they taped it and I’m sure I will watch it, but the truth is that watching it will only remind me that I wasn’t there.

Its so big, such a huge accomplishment, and its not something that I’ll have an opportunity to go to the “next” one.


I’ll stop feeling sorry for myself I guess. Anyways, it sucks.

I love you mom and congratulations again!


8 responses to “A Little Blue

  1. I know how hard it is to be away from family when something important happens.

    Thank Allah for blogs and internet. Back in the day… when I lived in Riyadh, I had neither blog nor internet, nor email, of course, and short phone calls only once a month, or less often. Video cams had been invented, but only rich people could afford them.

    Imagine the immigrants who came and went before us! Such courage they must have had.

    None of that makes you feel any better, I know, but sometimes the reminder of our modern comforts can help ease the sadness of being so far away from Mom today.

    Congratulations to your mom!

  2. This post makes me so sad. I can feel for you really. This summer I will be missing a big milestone in my son’s life. I wont be able to be there. Sometimes I seriously wonder if being here is worth being so far from my kids. Congrats for your Mom! It’s really a big accomplishment!

  3. MashaAllah that is wonderful, wonderful news for your mother. I understand your feelings too about not being able to be there. Hope you will cheer up soon.

  4. :*( I hate missing these important events. Something that people really have to consider when living abroad away from the gang…

    Chin up, dear.

  5. Oh, but sweetpea you were there with me!! We were texting and I was laughing as I typed stuff in and then couldn’t get the sound to shut off so everyone around me knew I got a text message back!! The only thing you were missing was the picture!

    I love you!! Mom

  6. Assalamu aleykum dear sister,

    I’ve been a faithful reader but mever commented.Being an expat myself, I know how you feel, far from your family and friends when something imortant happens……

    My heart is with you.Keep trust in Allah SWT.

  7. You were there in spirit and she loves you to be sure. Soon enough, you will also find your dream. Inshallah, your mom will make your dreams even stronger and more likely to be realized. Love you!

  8. The important things is she understans how proud you are of her and how you wish you could be there to share this moment.

    Nice blog btw!

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