Ode To Showers

all squeaky clean

Everyone loves showers.. well ok maybe not my cat, but she’s an exception. Back home in Minnesota, in the dead of winter after a day of playing in the snow I’d come home, with 3/4 of my body surface numb from prolonged exposure to cold, and take a long, steamy-hot shower.

You know that sensation when you get out and towel off and then sigh a deep sigh of contentment? Yea.

And now here in Egypt when I come home from being outside and I’m sweaty and smelling like Pepe LePew I strip down and take a shower of water warmed by the sun in the pipes and step out and squeaky-clean and cooled off. Yes. MMMMM. Showers.

I also love how good the air feels on my skin when its still damp and I’m walking around.

Nothing like showers- cold or hot.

deep sigh


2 responses to “Ode To Showers

  1. Shower Lament. Water heated in over-ground pipes in the summer, preventing cooling. The flame of an in-bathroom water heater being extinguished by the shower’s all too brief steam in the winter, preventing warming.

    I hate showers in Egypt. :p

  2. It’s starting to get hot here and all summer you just turn on the cold side and it’s warm! Too bad you get sweaty again in no time.

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