Who am I? Thats a very existential question, I fit into many different categories and yet cannot be defined by any of them. I am Muslim, I am American, I speak both English and Spanish (sometimes both at the same time if I’m really agitated), and I’m married to a very handsome Egyptian who puts up with my bs.  I have many opinions on a lot of things, most of them don’t mean much in the grand scheme of the world but sometimes I like to pretend they do. I try to find humor in my everyday because I think that life without laughter really isn’t worth it, and often it comes right down to laughing for the sake of my sanity. Many years ago I learned the reality of absurdity in the absurdity of reality and its stuck with me; the day I can’t tell the difference is the day I’ll hang my hat up and call it a night.

17 responses to “About

  1. Salaams Sis:

    Can I get permission to read the protected posts? I am Jihadlevine@yahoo.com


  2. May I also get permission to read your protected posts?

    Muchisimas gracias.Que Dios te bendiga

  3. slm
    can i also get tht password?

  4. Salams sister – writing to you from Ohio – love your writing – if you are interested in work I can help you out – I have some great friends that started an amazing school that Im pretty sure can use your help – great pay, my email is nadarashdan@yahoo.com


  6. a girl with a curl or two...

    very interesting perspective which as a 2nd generation egyptian-american and as an american-muslim i can strongly relate to.. maybe we can meet up sometime the next time i’m in egypt inshAllah 🙂

  7. Hi Molly,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I wish best of luck to you and you hubby. It’s refreshing to get a point of view of someone who is not looking through rose color glasses. My whole ideal of Cairo changed a little after reading your blog. I think for the better. Anyways, best of luck to you!!

  8. Molly – what’s your email?????

  9. Please considering a blog post or article to Altmuslimah – check us out at http://www.altmuslimah.com!

  10. Molly,

    Please check out altmuslimah.com! I think you’ll enjoy it – and I encourage you to submit your work!


  11. Assalamu Aleikum,

    I, too, am enjoying your blog tremendously. Please keep writing and I’ll keep reading! 🙂

    PS: Spanglish ROCKS! 🙂

  12. We are Egyptian American family and we love your blog. Keep writing and we will keep reading. Tks

  13. us sisters here love your ‘confessions’ !
    join us at muslimatoday.com, a new network made for and made by muslimas!

  14. Hola, yo dejé un comentario en otro de tus blogs! tengo varios amigos musulmanes, entre ellos varios egipcios, pero ninguno hablaba español. Sería magnífico leerte en español también, para conocer más de esa cultura fascinante visto a través de tu ojos, y en un idioma que conocemos.


  15. I like reading your words, may I link to yours. I’m muslimah from Indonesia. Hope can learn more from your blog. Thanks

  16. Salaam,
    I’m relatively new to the blogosphere, and I love finding blogs from fellow Muslim sisters!

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