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Have You Seen This Blogger?

Ok, ok, don’t put my face on any milk cartons. I’m sorry I’ve been away.

Unfortunately I don’t foresee any change in this blogging pattern coming. I’m so sorry.

Right now not only is it Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem btw!) but I am studying my little tail off for the GREs which I want to take inshAllah before October. My mom is studying for her boards. And Mr. MM is studying all things law, English, and legal English related for the TOEFL and the LSATs.

We’re just a houseful of studious studiers.

I just don’t have the time. 😦

Its not that I have given up on or forsaken blogging, I will return inshAllah, its just that right now there are things much more important for me to be doing.

Like playing vocabsushi.com.

Taking practice quizzes and tearing my hair out over the analogy questions.

Reading books that will inspire me to write for my portfolio.

Creating a portfolio.

All while fasting and sleeping here and there in 2-3 hour intervals.

Me so tired.

So, I’m sorry. Don’t send any search parties, I’m fine.

Just busy.

Mea culpa, please forgive me.

Good Golly!

Holy crap this test is going to kick my keister! The analogy part alone will give me gray hair. But the book is good alhumdulillah and I think will help me a lot, and meeting it’s previous owner was a delight. Getting a book from a Fulbright scholar should be a good omen right?


Seriously. Anyone out there who has taken their GRE please, please drop me a comment or an email with some suggestion tips.

I’m going to go make flashcards now- my vocabulary has a tought road ahead of it.