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So I’ve been itching to blog about everything thats been going on but I didn’t want to jinx it. Evil eye it. Fudge it up. Etc.

But now- alhumdulillah!- everything has fallen into place so I can scream it from the rooftops:

Mr. MM and I are moving to the US inshAllah the beginning of August!

I’m so friggin’ excited. For real.

Its bittersweet as Mr. MM must needs leave his family behind as I left mine- the bane of all international marriages- and I will miss them a lot as well.

Its true that I hate living here and have had a difficult time with many things about Egypt. But like so many foreigners, and even Egyptians, before me I have mixed feelings for this terrible and wonderful land. I love Egypt very much but I can’t stand it at the same time. Living here has been the most wonderful and awful experience combined.

And the thought of going home- dear God! It makes me ’bout levitate every time I think about it.

There’s so much to do, so much to think about, so much to worry about, and so much to plan.

I’ll miss you Um ad-Dunya*, I’ll miss you as much as I’ll be happy to be away from you.

le sigh

* The Arab world calls Egypt ‘Um ad-Dunya’ which means ‘Mother of the World’ as Egypt has been the cradle of civilization since, oh, FOREVER.

White Men and Shotguns

A white man with white supremacist connections shoots up the Holocaust museum and the media forgets to mention the fact that most white supremacy groups are heavily tied into Christianity.

I’m totally not saying that Christianity is terroristic but had this been a Muslim who did it everyone would be up in arms about Islam being a hate-filled religion and all Muslims hating Jews.

There’s a double-standard here. Can someone please recognize it?

Also looking at serial killers, mass shooters, and wars: the scariest shiz on earth is a middle-aged WASP  man with a gun.

The View From Wonderland

I’ve only been here in Egypt since last June, so roughly ten months give or take a week. When I was in the US you could see that the economy was faltering and the housing market had been on the rocks for a couple of years previous to that but it was nothing compared to what it is now. In these last ten months the sh*t really did hit the fan, and I was not there to see it.

Please understand that my view of things is distant and fuzzy at best, I couldn’t see it first hand but I heard about it on the news and I guess by now I should realize that what happens is usually one hundred times worse than what they say on the TV. In the past three to four months specifically a large number of people I know have been “downsized” and are out of work, including two family members, one of whom is fortunately working again in another place.

But seriously I cannot fathom, in the deepest recesses of my usually fertile imagination, how bad it really is there. I was chatting with my mom last night and she mentioned a house in our neighborhood had gone on the market and that it had three times the land that our house had and yet it was going for 79 grand.

A house! With three full lots of land IN Saint Paul, for 79 freaking grand? Our own house, 8 years ago, went for only a little less than twice that. I feel like we’ve been whisked back to the 1970’s! 79,000? Its unbelievable!

If I had money, my friends, I would be buying land and houses left and right. Unfortunately the biggest problem right now is that no one has any, least of all myself.

Living here I cannot see how things truly are back home, I know that when I was doing some boredom-driven job searches I got a little nauseous at seeing how few there were. Thats scary. But to know that things are going that cheap just reeks of desperation and thats even scarier. I’m not sure what I’ll be going home to but I do know that I want to go home.

Nothin’ like bein’ around to help pull your nation up by the shorthairs bootstraps.

Ah, if only I had money.


I’d be collecting houses like Imelda Marcos collected shoes.

Or Angelina collects babies.

Edit: did mls search. fell in love with house. cursing lack of 75K.

curse you lack of money, cuuuuuuuuuuuurse!

Edit #2: dreams. crushed. pieces. everywhere.

Inaugural Blogpost

Now watch me misspell inaugural. Oh ok, its good.

Sure I’m a day late on this, but consider that he wasn’t inaugurated until 7pm here in Cairo so add in traditional Egyptian lateness and I’m right on time.

I won’t wax poetic or go into great sobbing detail of the momentousness of the occasion but I have three things to say:

1.) I feel so proud to know that we have finally elected someone of color to the presidency. Its not about him being black, its about breaking the back of the WASP tradition. It means that from now on even Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, or any other ethnicity and mixture of  can be eligible to be president and every single parent in the United States can look at their child, no matter their skin color, and truly say, “You can be whatever you want to be when you grow up, even President.” Here’s to hoping that the next President is a woman so that we can break the back of that tradition as well.

2.) I love how Michelle Obama is a healthy woman. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about, she’s not the stick thin beanpole that most First Ladies have needed to be. I love it.

3.) I can only hope that the Bush Administration will be held accountable for their actions these past eight years. This should be high up (maybe like 4th or 5th) on the list of things to do for the Obama Administration in the first year.

No matter if you agree or disagree with his political leanings, I hope you understand the importance of what has happened in the United States because its one of the biggest steps our country has ever taken.

Shoo! Or wait, SHOE!

Did anyone else catch that the shoe-throwing journalist is a correspondant for a Cairo-based news program?


How much you wanna bet he’s not allowed back into Egypt? Mubarak doesn’t want anyone who is willing to throw things at Presidents elected by shady means.




I’ll be kind of busy from now on, I got a job! Alhumdulillah!

Actually technically I have two jobs because I’m doing saturdays at the daycare.

But the other job I’m really excited about, I’m the HR and Marketing Director for an IT and BPM Consulting company here in Maadi. Really, getting a job in Egypt is not about what you know, its about “who” you know. I met a group of converts that live here in Maadi (oh what a blessing they are and I will write more about them in the future) and the husband of one of them was looking to hire. Alhumdulillah rabiyyal-ameen.

The company is wonderful, I’d love to put the name out there (especially since I’m Marketing Director as well) but the company’s address is on the website and I don’t really want to be stalked. Hit me up on facebook in a couple of weeks to find out the company.

I’m so excited, I’m going to be working like an Egyptian donkey but its great. I’m getting my hands into something and making a difference, remember when I complained about feeling like I achieved nothing in my other jobs?

I voted last week, I took the metro to the Embassy and made it to the doors with 4 minutes to spare before they stopped allowing people in. Procrastination will kill me someday. But I did my part, even from here. I’m curious if they mail them to the states or if they count them here. I’m assuming they mail them but it would make sense just to have a designated ballot-counter and count them here and report the numbers. No one ever said the government was about efficiency.

And you should too!

Seriously people, get out there and vote. Except for you mom, you can stay home and not vote if you want. 😛

Mmmmmmm, this sure is tasty crow.

I know what Republicans are eating for iftar!

The Sarah Palin Gender Card

Youtube deleted the video, so until I figure out how to upload it myself, link to it here.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

F*ck Fox News

Hilarity! I love it. It gets good around 1:35 none of the protesters would talk with Fox News (good for them) and then listen to what all of the people begin shouting at the reporter and the camera.