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Token Resistance

I keep hearing about how such and such political activist or revolutionary prisoner is on a ‘hunger strike’ for whatever movement or injustice is plaguing them.

What a crock.

I’m certainly not belittling political activists or the movements they fight for, but I belittle the inanity and token bullshitness of this act.

Take for example just today Al-Baghdadi, the former PM of Gaddhafi, has gone on a hunger-strike in the Algerian prison he is being held in to protest his extradition.

Does anyone care whether this dipshit eats? I certainly don’t; Libya and the freedom fighters probably do not; if he wants to hurry the date of his execution and remove the need for a long and drawn out trial, then by all means, please commit suicide and go straight to hell.

I mean, who is going to care if this dude dies?

And it’s the same even on the flip-side, when it is a sympathetic character like a political activist who is throwing around hunger-threats like a toddler who threatens to hold her breath until she gets her way.

Angry Arabiya for example, a Bahraini political activist who went on a “hunger-strike” to protest the arrest and illegal detention of her father, husband, and brother-in-law.

As much as I felt bad for her and her family, what the french-toast did she think was going to happen?! It is apparent that the Bahraini government did not/does not care what happens to her or her family. They obviously weren’t going to give a damn if she died, by her own hand, when they have shown themselves perfectly willing to shoot protesters and move along.

And she’s no Gandhi with millions of followers ready, willing, and able to stage a mass uprising if she died, she would have simply been another drop in an ocean of people killed by evil regimes, and people would have mourned, and then forgotten about her.

I, personally, could only stomach a couple of days of her forced drama. “For the sake of my family and my little baby daughter, who begged me, I am drinking a cup of water a day.”

So, why? Why do people threaten or enact hunger-strikes if they are such wastes of time?

I think it’s because they can. Because it’s easy to fake. It’s easy to do. It’s easy to get out of.

But, can anyone name me an instance where a hunger-strike worked? Not including Gandhi, of course, because in his instance it was fear of his millions of followers mass-murdering the British if he died. Of course that doesn’t belittle his hunger-strike, because it worked, but other than him?

Maybe there have been, but for me the “hunger-strike” is the new hipster form of “protesting” and I think very little of it.

I’ll think I’ll hunger-strike the fact that I’m not a millionaire.

Addition: So, I’ve done a little bit more reading into Angry Arabiya (Zainab alKhawaja) and really….

On her twitter bio she states “. . .  I hate Arab dictators, and American neo-colonialism.”

And yet as soon as her father was beaten and detained (may Allah grant his release and the release of his compatriots), she sat down and wrote a letter to President Obama.  Reference.

It’s shit like that which really pisses me off.

White Men and Shotguns

A white man with white supremacist connections shoots up the Holocaust museum and the media forgets to mention the fact that most white supremacy groups are heavily tied into Christianity.

I’m totally not saying that Christianity is terroristic but had this been a Muslim who did it everyone would be up in arms about Islam being a hate-filled religion and all Muslims hating Jews.

There’s a double-standard here. Can someone please recognize it?

Also looking at serial killers, mass shooters, and wars: the scariest shiz on earth is a middle-aged WASP  man with a gun.

So Very True, Even in Islam

I mean the Jesus/Apocalypse reference.

but really stolen from here

Whats said and not said

News in Egypt often stymies the imagination and there is a fine line between what is said and not said. As my husband so blithely stated yesterday as we were walking through Tehrir Square, “Journalism in Egypt is very free! They’re just not allowed to talk about the President, his family, or the government.”

In a country where political bloggers are routinely arrested for little reason, publishers kidnapped, and an editor on trial for printing a story about the President being in the hospital, I’m afraid I’m not quite sure by what standard my husband measures the word “free.” I personally don’t consider Journalism in Egypt to be free, but I do notice that its not exactly the strictly controlled iron curtain method I thought it was before I came.

Back in April when there was a widespread strike against the rising food prices and stagnant wages I usually knew more from reading Egyptian blogs than my husband, who did not read the blogs but relied on TV news reports, about the rioting and police brutality in a city north of Cairo. He didn’t even know it had happened because the news was not allowed to talk about it. And yet I know of a few particular newspapers, the English-language ones of course, that talk about disputes between the people and the government and as far as I know have suffered no ill consequences.

Take these two recent occurrences for example: yesterday the Shoura Council burned to the ground near Tehrir Square. I personally feel sad because the Council was one of the places I always recognized when I drove past, and I always admired the really cool old architecture. My point in bringing it up though is that it was and is all over the news.

And yet last week something just as news-worthy, in my humble opinion, happened and not a word about it anywhere. A section of the Metro (the subway system in Cairo) collapsed through both floors (there were two underground tracks built one underneath the other) and it took out a large portion of the road not far from the Ministry of (in)Justice. Nothing on the news. To me this seems just as important as the Shoura Council burning down, but why has it been kept secret? The only reason I know about it is because when my husband and I were going to the Mo(in)J we noticed that a main road we would have taken was blocked off and when he asked the taxi driver, he was told about the Metro.

Did anyone die in the collapse? No idea. But knowing how full the metro usually is, I can only imagine that unless it happened after 1am when the trains stop, or it happened somewhere in between two stations and no train was passing through, then there had to be at least a few people involved. But theres no way to know as certainly the taxi driver wouldn’t have had the information, or correct information, and nothing was said on the news. It kind of freaks me out because I dislike tunnels anyways, and knowing that at any moment any section of the Metro could come down…. oy. Maybe thats why it wasn’t broadcast.

Journalism here is free, as long as you don’t talk about….

And just because we’re on the topic of news, how many have heard about the Egyptian septuplets born last week? I just want to say a few things:

1.) If the father only makes $4 a day, how in the HELL did they get money for Invitro? I don’t believe they’re poor because only the richest in Egypt have access to that kind of medical treatment.

2.) Why were they trying for more if they really were that poor? And with Invitro? When, supposedly, they’re fellahin from a small village without doctors?

3.) How many of you want to bet that idiots from Western countries like the UK are going to start sending money to these morons to help them out? Buy them a flat nearer to the doctors they obviously could get to easily enough to have Invitro visits?

4.) Again, if they’re from a village in Beheira (like the most fellahin of all the fellahin provinces) how did they have access to Invitro??????

Its crap! They’re not fellahin! They’re from the cities! They gots money! They just want more! Don’t fall for it!

Ugh. Seriously the stuff people pull here.

Bugspray anyone?

There’s been some blogosphere outrage over a recent Egyptian(?) advert about hijab.hijabi propoganda


The text says, “You can’t stop them, but you can protect yourself. Your Creator knows whats best for you.” The men are the flies and the women are the lollipops, and the wrapper is supposed to represent the hijab.

  I won’t waste time on what kind of propagandist, misogynistic, retarded bullshit this is; I think its obvious enough without me stating it. Of course I agree that our Creator does know whats best for us, but that doesn’t excuse men behaving like dogs. What Arab men lack is liability for their actions and this advert does nothing but propagate approval for them continuing to get away with whatever they want to get away with solely because they are men and can’t be held responsible for their actions; especially when a woman who doesn’t cover herself is in their line of sight. Its like blaming a rape victim because her skirt was an inch above her knees.

While we are on this topic I would like to tell you about what I saw in Alexandria on Khaled Ibn Waleed Street in the Miami neighborhood one night around midnight. This street, at night, is completely clogged with humanity and cars and getting through that street quickly is an impossibility. My husband and I were in a taxi at a dead standstill when two crotch-rockets (you know, the flashy mydickisbiggerthanyours motorbikes) snaked past us carrying two passengers each: one man and one woman. Neither of the women wore hijab but one woman was much more scantily clad than the other, wearing tight capri pants and a tight sleeveless tank top. Her outfit wouldn’t have elicited a second glance in the US but in Egypt it was in stark contrast to the majority hijab/jilbab/malhaffa and even a few niqabi women shopping. The CR (crotch-rocket) carrying the second, more scantily clad, woman got blocked at an impasse and had to stop at which point the wild packs of young men noticed the girl and turned, in unison quite like a school of fish or a flock of birds do, and began to surround the seriously outnumbered duo on the bike. Unable to fight off the crowd the man driving tried to force his way through the traffic while the boys reached out to grab at the woman, or spit on her, while yelling garbled things in Arabic. It was all very reminiscent of the Eid attacks captured on video by Wael Abbas. ‘Within a matter of a few seconds the driver got through the cars and drove off as fast as possible leaving the crowd of unsatisfied animals to disperse back into their regular hunting parties.

The incident left an indelible impression on me. I felt bad for the girl, because no matter what she chooses to wear, no one should ever be molested in such a fashion and have it be approved of on the basis that she didn’t wear hijab. I was angry for her.

I must admit, however, that one must take into consideration the society that one is attempting to function in. As I said, in the US she wouldn’t have been looked at twice because her outfit showed less skin than many I have personally seen. However she is not in the US, she is in a society in which modesty is the expectation whether with hijab or not. I don’t think the incident was based on whether she wore hijab because the woman on the bike in front of her was hijabless as well and went completely unmolested in her baggy 3/4 sleeve shirt and capri pants. After a lot of thinking I believe it was the tightness of her clothing and the manner in which she straddled her CR-driving boyfriend, as well as his stupidity because as he got stopped at the impasse he revved the bike and cracked the muffler bringing the attention of the surrounding crowds upon himself and his girlfriend.

Does this condone the actions of the rabid masses? No. And something should be done about the mentality of a society that aprroves of this kind of action and places the blame on the woman no matter what. Its misogynistic and allows the men to shirk the blame. An endless supply of victimhood.

It isn’t my fault I raped her, your honor, she deserved it because she wore red/perfume/a tight shirt/I could see her hair and I couldn’t control myself.

It isn’t my fault, she deserved it because she is female.

It makes me sick.

And it makes me wonder about an ideology that basks in a mentality that compares them to flies, an organism even lower and more disgusting than dogs.

I call for accountability, and a religious authority that remembers the teachings of God that command men to lower their gaze rather than molest.

In religion there is accountability, but most of the time men forget that part in their zeal to be sure women do.

For me, I carry bug spray. And a mean right-hook.