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Birthday Poem for My Husband

Usually I would post this on my writing blog but this is something I want to be very public.

A Birthday Poem for My Husband

I never knew
you didn’t know
my deepest thoughts;
you seem so close.
Like a piece of you
beats inside of me
next to my heart,
like a single being.
I never knew
you couldn’t feel
how thankful I
felt to be with you.

But I am.

And I do
love you.

things to be thankful for…

no coherent post, just some things I caught myself being thankful for:

1.) Not having to worry about my husband. I caught a few seconds of a movie a few minutes ago as I was turning off the TV and a woman was frustrated with her staggeringly drunk lover and I remembered so many past situations with my friends as their boyfriends/husbands/fathers came home completely smashed. It was one of those things that the second person can’t make stop, like a natural disaster or a car accident. Drunkards happen to those they love.

Its late at night and my husband is out with his friends and I am not in the least worried about him. I’m not worried that he’s going to come home plastered or that he is out chasing women. Alhumdulillah. These little things you take for granted.

2.) Cats being pains in the rearend. For realz. I was so delighted that Zuzu was feeling well enough to jump up on the kitchen counter and make mischief that I didn’t even yell at her or chase her around the house. Its been two weeks that we didn’t have to constantly keep the door to the kitchen closed cuz she was not feeling well enough to wreak havoc. I think Zuzu was surprised that I was so happy, it took her a minute or so to come out from under the chair where she was hiding and I swear to God she had a “so you’re really not going to beat?” look on her face. Alhumdulillah for her getting better inshAllah.

3.) God’s mysterious way. Justified or not in quitting my job, a completely random and unsolicited opportunity to buy a 2009 Kaplan GRE book for a fraction of its original price has come up and I will take it. InshAllah tomorrow. And in my free time I can begin studying for the GREs way ahead of schedule. Alhumdulillah.

4.) Also have to say alhumdulillah for the not so nice things as well. Will be looking for a new maid. This one apparently can’t keep her days or her weeks straight. Alhumdulillah. Does anyone know why Eyptian maids eventually do this? Its not just me, I’ve heard SO many people complain of the same scenario: they start showing up late, sometimes call to tell you they are not coming, most times just don’t show up, maybe don’t show up for the whole week, and then come on random days. Why? Anyways I have had enough of this and its sad to say because I know homegirl isn’t going to steal from me and I have no idea if I will be able to say the same of the next one. But alhumdulillah. Right boys and girls?

Say it with me: Thank God.

Perfect Proposals

So I got sucked into something from the Today show about perfect/crazy marriage proposals and have been reading about different wacky things the guys did to make the moment special.

The truth is that with Mr. MM and I there wasn’t an exact point of proposal for us, and I feel a little sorry for that. But really, only a little because its not that big of a deal for me. In fact, I think that the closest thing that we do have for a proposal is something very unique: I kind of proposed to him.

There are two points of proposal, I think. The first was before I went to Egypt for my best friend Saaso’s wedding, Saaso also being the one who originally introduced us. Mr. MM and I had been online friends for roughly a year and him being serious about religion and me being serious about not being in an online “relationship” (and religion too) we were strictly platonic. But there was definite attraction on a physical, spiritual, and intellectual level. The closer I got to traveling to Egypt, and the more I thought about the possiblity of meeting up with him, the more nervous and butterfly-stomachey I got. When I evaluated my reasons for being all sweaty-palmed I realized that I had a crush on him and I had no idea what to do, so I called Saaso.

When I confessed to her my deep, dark secret she laughed at me. LAUGHED. Apparently Mr. MM had written to her about five weeks before that to tell her that he really liked me, planned to meet me, but planned to do it all halal and with pure intentions, and then swore her to secrecy. Armed with this knowledge I met him online that night and cornered him on his intentions towards me. He answered caught of guard: Marriage of course.

Not really a proposal, but hey I’m grasping at straws. The second one is better.

Fast forward to six weeks on of being in Egypt. Mr. MM and I had spent a lot of mostly chaperoned but always in public time together getting to know each other face to face. I had met his mom, dad, and other family, and felt that we were at a do or die moment. On June 29th at about 11 PM at night we- Mr. MM, myself, his dad, dad’s wife, his sister, and I think someone else- were all packed together into his dad’s car (masry-style ya’ll, you know the clown car routine) drinking cane juice outside of the juice shop. I turned to Mr. MM, who was mid-cane juice gulp, and asked, “We’re getting married right? I mean, do you feel like you want to marry me?” (I knew the answer to THAT of course) and he said, “*swallow* Yes, of course,” and went back to drinking. I said, “Ok, why don’t we get married on the 4th of July?” to which he choked on his juice and coughing said, “Thats like 4 days away!”

But we did it anyway. I mean come on, admit that its cool, we’ll have fireworks on every anniversary and the day off of work. It can’t get better than that.

How’s that for a marriage proposal eh?

Nothin’ like being stuffed into a car with too many people, on a mind-numbingly hot night, drinking fresh-squeezed cane juice in (I think) crowded Nasr City (or Ghamra I can’t remember), and being given four days to plan a wedding.

Maybe I should write into the Today show.