We’re Just Rabbits, Ya’ll

This video made me LOL like I have never LOL’ed before.

I’d like to make a list of my WTF?!?s, LOLs, and other observations for you:

1.) We just have more sex.
2.)  Really?! Ahem, your agenda is showing- you might want to tuck it back in.
3.) I know its supposed to be scary but most of it sounds pretty good to me.
4.) An Islamic Republic means governmentally Islamic and, good God, we don’t even have that in Muslim countries.
5.) France an Islamic Republic in 39 years?!?!?! WTF? Did Nostradamus tell you that? Did he give you a specific day and time because I want to make sure I request that day off from work.
6.) Please, for the sake of my inner grammar-Nazi, study the grammatical difference btween ‘Islamic’ and ‘Muslim’. I beg you.
7.) Does anyone else wonder how much it sucked to be a Muslim in the US in 1970? 100,000? Sounds low to me. I question your numbers good sir, actually ALL of your numbers. Eight babies per family? They don’t even pop that many out in Egypt.
8.) Why are you using the national flag of Turkey as the “Islamic” flag? I kept getting confused, thinking you were referring specifically to Turks. Side note: Why is Turkey’s flag the crescent and star? Aren’t they pushing that whole secular thing harder than any other country except for Lebanon?
9.) How desperate are you guys that you now count Latinos as on your side “culturally”? Must be why they are a “if we count Latinos” add-on. Anything goes in war against us Islamics, huh?
And drum-roll please……

10.) Nya-nya-na-na-boo-boo!!1! *blows raspberry*

I guess the cat has been let out of the bag, we might as well be open and honest about it now. Yes, we do intend to take over the world simply by out-copulating all you Christians.

So, uh, get to it. Knock some boots. Bump some uglies. Rattle the headboard. Spawn, dammit, SPAWN!!! Cuz unless you are Mormon, or you are these people, every Muslim family in France is having 6.8 more babies than you.

And that is your ‘Islamic’ PSA of the day.

9 responses to “We’re Just Rabbits, Ya’ll

  1. LOL – despite having seen this both on here and facebook I still haven’t watched the video… Your post is great though. I still say you left us Catholics out at the end… Granted I know there are Catholics that go against Church teachings on the subject, but still… some of us stick to it 😉

    At least partly joking there btw… personally we do hope for a large family, and don’t use ABC for all sorts of reasons, religion only being a part of it… but I know that doesn’t necessarily equal out to large family…

  2. This video was made with political agendas behind it.

    The BBC has thoroughly refuted it in this new one:

    Many of the statistics and projections are wrong.

  3. …knock some uglies….lol

  4. No mention of 4 wives?!!!

  5. Ooooh! Be afraid – be very afraid!!!
    I also looked it up on Snopes and they have refuted many of the “facts”in this video as well.
    What I thought was hilarious was the tone of the narrator’s voice!!!

  6. KIILL KIIIIIILL! Sorry I was just playing a game on my PC.

  7. haha – i loved it… fantastic! almost makes me think i should start to pop out babies now! i mean; realistically i had seen this all along growing up; other muslim familys having at least 3 or 4 kids! heck, in my family aside from my mum every single aunt and uncle have a minimum of 4 kids… what can i say; i guess us muslim woman ain’t as oppressed as they seem to think! hehe – we must be doing something right! on another note, at least this means that our children will have a larger more diverse “range” to chose from when it comes o getting married themselves!

  8. Frightening thought for France, but happy to hear someone’s scarin’ the crap outta them :))

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