Of Mice and M… Cats.

My mom, despite her cat allergy, wanted me to bring Zuzu to the states with us in order to be a mouser.

That means then that Zuzu is allowed to live here contingent on her ability to catch mice. (Officially- but I know that no matter how much Mr. MM threatens to throw her out he secretly loves her and never would. Also I’d kill him.)

The reason my mom wants a mouser is because last winter she had a horrible infestation of mice and she’s expecting a repeat invasion this winter as well. *shudder* We all were hoping that simply the smell and presence of Zuzu would keep the mice at bay but no, sadly not.

One night we were all sitting and watching a movie when we heard the tinkling of Zuzu’s belled collar punctuated by an odd squeaking noise that sounded something like an ungreased wheel. We three turned to see Zuzu march into the livingroom with a mouse in her mouth.


…well sort of.

She seemed startled by our sudden attention and she ran up into our bedroom with the mouse in tow.

Into our bedroom.

With the  mouse.


Into our bedroom where she then proceeded to lose, find, lose again, find again, and ultimately lose the mouse.


It did help us identify a mouse bolthole that we were able to plug up and we’re hoping she injured it enough for it to die later.

But what makes me the most frustrated is that my darling cat will do the famous death shake while eating her dry food- and thereby spread bits of crunched cat chow far and wide- but she can’t see to snap the neck of a mouse with the same maneuver.


On the one hand I’m hoping she figures out that mice are to be killed and how to do so, but on the other I’m hoping the mouse that got whooped will go back to his buddies and spread the horror story so that none of them come back.

I know it’s a pipe dream but what can I say?

My cat catches mice…

And then lets them go.


4 responses to “Of Mice and M… Cats.

  1. Awww… We used to have a cat that was afraid of mice lol.

  2. Just so you know, cats who are accustomed to being beloved pets are notorious for bringing home their catches, quite often live, to display for their humans, who are apparently supposed to oo and ahh and reward them with, you know, *real* food, not that fur-and-bones containing nonsense.

    In short: this is probably not the last you will see of Small Game Hunter Zuzu.

  3. Salaams Dear:

    She’ll learn. And M. Landers is right. I used to have outdoor cats who proudly left body parts on my door step. I used to have to hose it off each morning.

    When we first moved into this house, we had bats. The house had been unoccupied for a few years. My indoor cats sat on my dining room table and swatted the bats as they flew by – like we would for an annoying fly. They thought it was a game, but never got the bats … my husband did hehee.

  4. hahahahahahahaha yup molly the truth of cats and mice is if the cat fed the mouse won’t always wind up dead!

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