Counting down

Because I am so completely disorganized I’m going to be really random.

Last night Mr. MM and I went to Khan el Khalili to pick up a few items to bring to the states. Ok, I’ll admit it- it was actually clothes for me. I’m supposed to be getting rid of stuff, not buying more, I know. But these are things we cannot find in the states so I think its ok.

I was sitting out front of a store right next to Al-Hussein mosque, right near the area that was bombed earlier this year, not thinking about anything and waiting for Mr. MM to come back from running to an ATM when someone lit off a REALLY SUPER LOUD firework. I almost had a heart attack.

Who lights off fireworks near a bomb site? Who?

The weird thing is that before I heard the firework I hadn’t given a single thought to the bombing. I didn’t remember it.

It took me minutes to remember how to breathe.

Not cool, yo.

Not enough days left before we leave. I’m focusing on trying to clean out the fridge and cupboards so our dinner tonight is a soup made of frozen veggies that may have been here almost as long as we have, some cracked wheat, the last half of a jar of pasta sauce, and the last potatoes and one carrot I had.

Thing is, I don’t know what I have left to make tomorrow!

There is also camel meat, but I’m not enthusiastic about cooking it. It’s not my fave.

Oh, that reminds me, I never got a chance to drink camel’s milk. Must remind Mr. MM to bring it home.



5 responses to “Counting down

  1. Wow. Been catching up with the past month of entries — And you’re leaving? Just when I’m going to Cairo.. shame.
    Actually it’s funny to see what it is you’re looking forward to in the US. I’m leaving France – for good, probably – destination still undetermined. And it feels weird to be leaving, I hate this place but I still like it and I’m going to miss it for sure.
    Ah, human nature… 🙂

    Re: food tomorrow: can you just order-in? It can’t be THAT bad…
    Or have yourself invited at someone’s. You are leaving and they’re going to miss you, right?

    (Oh, and it’s funny but i don’t think I’ve ever had camel milk either. Let me know how it tastes.)

  2. Camel meat, oh that would be tough for me to eat! More power to you! Inshallah I wish you could order pizza instead, less plates and mess you know!

    I’m SO glad your leaving knowing about this recent scare.

  3. Hey, didya make it home? email me or give me a call, so we can stop over as the welcome wagon!

  4. assalamalyakum
    Hope you are home and all is well with you and your family.
    Just started following I support all muslimah blogs. Love searching all the blogs.

  5. My husband just walked outof the door (it’s gone 10pm here) to try to bag us a wild boar. Wild boar I can do…camel meat?? Not sure.

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