Come Mista Tallyman, Tally Me Banana

Daylight come and me wanna go home.

So I have some great and greater news! Which one do you want first?

The great news is that I finally left the seething pit of hell that was Global Education. Man was THAT a barrel full of monkeys.

Quite literally, I worked for monkeys. Everytime I went to work there was a new person working there until finally there was only one of the original staff left, the only one I trusted and who had my back, and a new boss-monkey who everyone hated and who I despised.

Boss-monkey was simply rude to everyone, including me, and finally I had had enough. I got to the two-month mark, had them tally me bananas, took my salary which I was almost not sure they were going to give me, and decided to never come back. Right after I had decided I found that the owner of the company had, just that day, fired without explanation the last staff-member I actually liked. I got out just in time because I’m sure that had I needed to try to get my bananas from boss-monkey he definitely would not have obliged.

So, yay! I’m free, I’m free, whoop whoop, I’m free.

And the even GREATER news is that the day after that I got a new job! A totally awesome job in a totally awesome place doing totally awesome work alhumdulillah. For real, ya’ll.

I am now an Assistant Editor on a prominent Islamic website focused on dawah. I will also write a bit for them as well inshAllah. Alhumdulillah rabiy-al-ameen!

I originally had to decided to say which one, however for now I have decided against that. Also I hold a few views that are not officially sanctioned by the website and I really don’t want to have to censor myself on my own blog.

I think I will also be published on a small number of other websites through connections, but Allahu alem.

Either way its a HUGE first step towards being a (sorta) recognized writer plus I’ll get experience editing which is so important. Alhumdulillah for everything.

I only have two issues: getting to work (its a 90 minute commute) by shuttle which has no shuttle pick-up point in a place that is easily accesible for me. Its incredibly exhausting and disheartening. God, what I would do for a car.

Oh! I’m also hoping, inshAllah to get involved with a radio station offered through a sister-site to my own and to have my own show! Ya rabi! I think this job has really opened a lot of paths for me and I’m so happy.

I slammed a window (Global Ed) and God opened a very large door.

Those are some nice bananas, eh?

4 responses to “Come Mista Tallyman, Tally Me Banana

  1. πŸ˜€ I won’t tell hey I’m really happy for you and so much happier to have read this blog it made my day chipper querida.

    As for shuttles and dessert heat ewwwww DΓ­os te quide mamita.

    As for “naseha” I’m starting to think people use that as an excuse to judge others and be annoying more than to offer “gentle advice” as should be the case.

    β™₯ ya querida stalk ya later

  2. Okay, Molly, “naseeha” isn’t in your glossary of terms, so … huh?

    And congrats on the job, I’m so glad you got it!!! I can sympathize with the commute–I did a 90-minute each-way commute for 2 years and I was always exhausted. I pray that you’ll have the energy you need to do it.

  3. Okay, the bananas metaphors lost me at some point πŸ™‚ But I am delighted that you are! Congratulations for getting out of Global Education and into the new job! Yey!

    Ah, 90 min commute. Sweet memories of college.. You’ll get used to managing the rush hour (as if there were any non-rush hours, hehehe) and basically will get used to it. Don’t worry. πŸ™‚

  4. congrats for landing the new job and having survived the last one πŸ™‚

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