White Men and Shotguns

A white man with white supremacist connections shoots up the Holocaust museum and the media forgets to mention the fact that most white supremacy groups are heavily tied into Christianity.

I’m totally not saying that Christianity is terroristic but had this been a Muslim who did it everyone would be up in arms about Islam being a hate-filled religion and all Muslims hating Jews.

There’s a double-standard here. Can someone please recognize it?

Also looking at serial killers, mass shooters, and wars: the scariest shiz on earth is a middle-aged WASP  man with a gun.

16 responses to “White Men and Shotguns

  1. Your argument is shot to shit due to the media’s recent near-silence and delay of anything but the most basic of reporting on the Islamic Jihadi side of Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad’s shooting of two soldiers at a recruiting center.

  2. I agree… The flip side of the argument is if someone professing to be Christian does this, they are not truely Christian… That’s the point always made… However the exact same thing can apply to the “Muslim” who does it. But try and get people to see/understand that…

  3. Great post! This is so true. Why does Bin Laden “speak for all Muslims” whereas a Christian terrorist is someone gone astray? Why are Hamas terrorists whereas the IRA are freedom fighters? Seriously, the double standards are so obvious it’s sickening…

  4. OMG YES! The exact same thing went through my mind when I seen it on the news yesterday.

    Not to minimize the crime, though. It’s sickening to realize *anybody* carries that kind of hate around.

    But you never hear: Christian rapist, Jewish terrorist, Buddhist burglar. And that should be realized as well…

  5. In America you hear about Christian terrorists / extremists fairly often, though not normally when it’s a racist crime since there’s no basis for the claim.

    In the case of anything involving abortions or the LGBT community, we often hear attackers described as Christian extremists, Christian hate-groups, or terrorists by the media.

    We hear more about the Muslims of course, but that is because the media rarely bothers to sensationalize a crime committing by Muslims unless there’s a connection to terrorism.

    In other words you also don’t hear: Muslim rapist (unless child marriage was involved), Muslim burglar, etc… You only hear about people like Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad – and, even then, the media is quick to portray him as a lone attacker with no support.

  6. mhm preach it girlie!!!!

    I swear I didn’t even HEAR about this until yesterday and in passing as if it wasn’t significant…

  7. Actually, this particular anti-Semitic murderer did not profess to be a Christian. His own words show him to be anti-Christian … check out http://www.whatswrongwiththeworld.net/2009/06/antichristian_white_supremacis.html
    (I’m sorry; I don’t know how to make it appear as a link.)
    This website contains an excerpt of some of the murderer’s own writings, in which he says that both Christianity and the Holocaust are hoaxes. He also describes Christianity as imbecilic and dangerous.
    Where religion–any religion–plays a role in a crime, it is appropriate to report it. But in this case, lambasting the media for not calling this guy Christian is lambasting the media for not telling a lie.

  8. Oh, cool, WordPress automatically made it a link 🙂 Way to go, WordPress!

  9. Absolute double standards here. In fact – it’s even a non-news.

    If I were a Jew, I would be pissed that this is not getting top billing.

  10. WHOA NELLY! You are unbelieveable – Christianity and anti-semitism have NOTHING to do with each other. I disagree with you on who are the scariest people on earth, they are those people who use a 10% statistic and make it a 100% statistic and justify their side without getting facts STRAIGHT. I can’t believe you said that – I AM FURIOUS WITH YOU RIGHT NOW MOLLY ANN.

  11. I hear you! I was also wondeing why his Christian background wasn’t mentioned. Seems like America has done such a good job separating white supremist and Christian doesn’t it? You rarely hear them in the same sentence!

  12. Auntie Gina- I never said that Christianity is anti-semitic I said that white supremacy groups are often tied into churches. I.E. Many of them use their church as meeting places, all members come from the same church, their church is used as a place to spread their messages of hate, etc. Also white-supremacy does not simply stand for anti-semitism it stands for hatred against all non-whites.

    Secondly you reserve the right to disagree with me on who the scariest people on earth are. I was simply making the point that if we look back at all of the periods of violence in America then about 85% of them are at the hands of white men. Thats not about prejudice on my part, thats simply stating the truth.

    One of the standards on the profile of a serial killer is “white male;” the Columbine shootings; Oklahoma city; the guy who shot up the Post Office where he used to work at; the massacre at Texas A&M in 1964; the Salt Lake City mall shootings a few years ago; abortion-clinic bombings; the assassination of George Tiller (not that he’s a loss to this world or anything;) the BTK killer was a prominent member in his church; Waco; I could go on but I have to get ready for work.

    Thirdly I don’t believe that Christianity is terroristic or that it breeds violence or that it teaches violence. I’m just pointing out that if it someone with a Christian background does something terrible every chance to prove that he is not religious is taken but the same courtesy is not extended to those who are not from Christian lineage.

    Its a double-standard. Plus as Deborah pointed out the guy was actually anti-religion and anti-Christian, however that just brings me back to my main point. His name is Christian, his family is probably Christian, and yet there are people already stepping out and distancing him automatically from being Christian.

    I’m just saying that if he had been Muslim that absolutely would not be happening.

    I love you and I hope you understand a bit better where I am coming from.

  13. some people saying “My gosh, how could someone do that who claims to be Christian?” and then turn around say “Well, what do you expect, he was Muslim?”

    I believe that is the point Molly is making, Gina. The media and our society tend to cut some slack to the non-Muslim, like he was raised a Christian but his action was of his own device whereas the Islamic perpretrator did the action because he IS islamic.

  14. I think the worst thing about the world’s anti-islam mindset these days is that we as Muslims can never just be like “Oh how horrible!” and grieve a situation. We’re always on the defensive, and we’ve got to use anything as an excuse to point out the hypocrisy. Like when that woman newsanchor was beheaded by her husband, everyone else is the world reads that and feels incredibly saddened, but I hear that and I’ve got to start formulating what I’m going to say to my mother when she calls me to ask about it. Last year when riots broke out in Greece, the only thing in my mind was that I would be able to say “See! Any place can be unsafe – the whole world is uncertain and I’m no more in danger visiting Pakistan that I would be vacationing in Greece.” It’s sad that we can never just be like everyone else – the world has us on the defensive all the time…

  15. Not all of those violent examples had to do with anti-semitism…
    America has a lot of white people, therefore they probably would commit the most crimes. Time and tides are changing as our country is becoming even more of a melting pot- and this is good. Violence is not something that depends on the color of your skin. People are all the same.
    And I do have to admit that more people have been killed in the name of God than any other. However, I don’t agree about the media not always stating the criminals religious background. I am Mormon. I was raised in Texas, in a town full of mostly Baptists. Each and every time a Mormon (or a break off of the church) did something bad, they were referred to as Mormon. I had to hear about it at school, on the news, etc etc etc. Because even Christians consider us Other. And we’re not!
    I think that all religions are the same in that we are trying to get somewhere better 🙂
    Problems arise when the everyday man pollutes the sacred and turn others into a scapegoat.
    We could all benefit from trying to understand one another. I know. I’m a Christian and other Christians are always trying to tell me how I am wrong or some such. There needs to be a basic respect of beliefs…and it’s sad that some people are so set in their ways. I took a few world religion classes since I started college and it was so wonderful 🙂
    To be honest, it will never happen. Just like world peace will never happen, though it is a lovely dream to strive for. And sometimes we all work so hard to be politically correct that we alienate each other and kill free speech. It’s sad.

  16. GW- You’re right, we always do have to be on the defensive.

    Bethany- Yes you’re right that not all of those examples were anti-semitic but I wasn’t referring only to anti-semitism but to white supremacy overall in my post and to the ratio of caucasian violence to minority violence.

    My mom brought up a good point though as well in a chat we were having: that there is a lot of african-american violence it just happens to mainly be against other african-americans and has reason behind it other than mass murder and terror.

    And you’re so right about religion and the “other.” In fact a co-worker and I here in Egypt were discussing the basic human need to label “us” and “them” and then act on it. Its unfortunate. Thankfully there are wonderful people in the world who want to bridge the gap and engender understanding.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful comment.

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