Faceplant x 3

I am so over this. I fell again yesterday simply while walking. I don’t know whats wrong with me right now but apparently my sense of equilibrium has taken a summer vacation.

My whole body hurts right now but whether this is from all of that falling down or because I’m having a flare up of my fibromyalgia I am not sure. This would be the first flare up of this magnitude in years. Maybe its a mixture of a small flare-up and painful joints from falling down.

I must say though that I am not the only klutz in residence: Zuzu is quite ungraceful for a cat. She trips over things, runs into doors, and somehow has a knack of running right in front of my foot while I’m walking so I kick her a few feet into the future. She also hits her head on the floor while doing the kitty back roll and it makes quite a hollow knocking sound.

Silly cat.


7 responses to “Faceplant x 3

  1. No, no, no. The important part is that you had a quick recovery. You did have a quick recovery right…

  2. This is going to sound weird, but sometimes if you have serious infections or congestion in your ear it might throw your equilibrium off. There are meds that can clear up congestion in the middle ear… DH had to take them because he was experiencing dizziness from it.

  3. quick recovery from what? falling? I landed quite ingloriously on my butt, if that answers your question. Also joints are still very, very sore.

    Umm Layla- I’ve had so many ear infections in the past that I’ve quite literally lost count so I’ve never had a good sense of balance, its just recently worse.

    Zuzu is running crazy around me right now and she just tripped over the computer cord. Yep, I’m definitely not the only clumsy one here.

  4. So sorry to learn of your fibromyalgia (did I spell it right?)~I have heard how DIFFICULT that can be in the day-to-day living. I’m not a political person either~but I desperately wanna be! and yet I am nowhere NEAR as smart as those that blog about it and don’t think I could ever hold my own…. (((((HUGS)))) sandi

  5. 😛 about the ear infections. DS had a hole in his inner ear (accident) and he was clumsy… I always thought it was something and maybe there was permanent ear damage, but docs kept telling me no. Finally I self referred to the doc that would do the surgery if he did have a problem, and he saw DS and scheduled a surgery asap to repair the hole. Now, alhamdulilah he’s fine. The first surgery went bad and we knew it because he got clumsy again. But now he’s fine, masha’allah.

  6. Salaams Dear:

    If it keeps happening, perhaps you may want to consider getting checked out by a good neurologist. I was falling all the time and thought I was a klutz; turned out that I have MS. Not saying that you do, but please don’t ignore it if it keeps happening. Also, do I remember correctly that you blogged about spraying a lot of insecticide? Maybe you and kitty are being affected by it? Take care dear.

  7. poor cat….as for you…I think the comments above me say it best…go to The Doctor chica

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