Zuzu is afraid of the maid

Edit: I cut out the part about Egyptian politics because it made me depressed.

Today I learned how Egyptians clean carpets. #3 brought her daughter with her this morning and they washed the oriental carpets. It was amazing- they brought them into the bathroom, unrolled them, showered them down, dusted on some laundry soap, scrubbed them with a detached broom head, and then squeegied them off with the bathroom squeegy and hung them from the balcony to dry. Uff they really needed to be cleaned so its great that she offered to do it and of course we’ll pay her more for it.

edit: ok pay her a lot more. I had no idea they ask so much for cleaning carpets… I dunno, I’ll have to ask Mr. MM about it when he gets home because I am completely out of credit and couldn’t call him to ask.

#3, mashAllah, cleans better than either of the maids before her. She does a really great job and I’m so thankful to have her.

Zuzu is scared witless by her though, its absolutely absurd. With maid #2, who was terrified of cats, Zuzu wanted to hang out and watch her clean, getting in the way as much as possible. I had to lock her in bedrooms and sometimes we’d have to chase her around the house in order to catch her to lock her in the room. Now? As soon as the door rings Zuzu poofs and disappears. I know her hiding spot so once I let #3 in I go and grab the cat, who hangs onto me for dear life with every single one of her twenty freaking claws, and when I get her into my bedroom she run for the back corner and hides there for the rest of the day even after #3 has left.

I just don’t get it. Deliverymen: she hangs out at the doorway; the Englyptian: she goes up to her and says hello and even sits on her lap!; other visitors: she is skittish but still comes around and checks everyone out; the sweet maid: senseless terror from the very first time. Zuzu didn’t even MEET #3, she just ran. Its so odd because I think #3 is sweet but cats have 6th senses so maybe I should be careful around the  maid.

Who knows.

Edit: I am also now missing something that would be VERY odd to steal. We use one of those long-handled plastic slotted cooking ladles to scoop kitty poop and its gone. I thought maybe she washed it and put it in the kitchen but its not there either. I have no idea and if she did take it thats a REALLY weird thing to take. I’m just curious, she has a cat at home herself, where does her cat poop? She doesn’t seem to understand the concept of the litterbox and she dumped trash into the box this morning. Not speaking Arabic is a huge hassle.


9 responses to “Zuzu is afraid of the maid

  1. LOLOLOL, she dumped trash into the litter box!! I can just see your face, Molly! LOL

    I hope you find your poop scoop! That is weird. I hate losing things. It drives me nuts.

    Okay, now I see how your carpets were cleaned. Cool. My MIL once cleaned ours when she was here with a big bucket of water, a little bit of soap, and some vinegar in it, she said, “to make it shiny.” So that worked too.

    Where did you even find a litter box and kitty litter since it sounds like a rarity there? Ask your husband what cats normally use there. I think I asked mine once long ago, and if I can remember correctly, the answer wasn’t pretty. 😉

  2. I bought a plain plastic bin from a store and its easy to find cat litter in grocery stores. I get the crystal litter cuz it smells better.

    Cats USUALLY poop in the streets but the Egyptians I know who have cats inside use sand. I think its gross and prefer to use cat litter, but I have the expendable cash to do so.

    I can’t imagine #3 lets her cat poop inside, its probably a cat that goes in and out.

  3. Hmmm, maybe #3 is wearing some kinda of perfume or other kind of scent (maybe from her own kitty) that is putting your kitty off.

  4. Phew — at first I thought “Zuzu” was your child’s name and was all like “WTH?? They lock her in a bedroom?!?!” but then I saw it’s the name of your cat.

    What a relief!!

  5. Aalia- HA! lol. Goodness no, but she is like my child.

    Maryann- I honestly don’t know, its so weird.

  6. Molly — just make sure that you don’t fall in the trap of assuming that things missing were stolen – especially if they’re ‘odd things to steal’. You’re better than that!
    Just make sure you keep the valuables well stored, as for the rest, it’s probably just misplaced…

  7. she said that she threw them out without knowing what they were. Honestly she’s so fella7a that its possible and she didn’t pocket any of the nos gneeh I left laying around so I’m just being careful.

  8. hahahahahhaha I am so laughing at your blog it’s probably frusterating to you so I’m sorry…..

    no de veras I am.

    Sabes que? The gato alo mejor remembers #2 coming meant locked up so maybe he associates cleaning with locking up, and runs….???

    Yo no se, just saying

  9. I doubt it cuz there was a lot of time in between #2 and #3 and she always goes back and hides in her “I’m so scared” hiding place. Its just weird.

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