Faceplant x 2

I’ve been especially graceful this week: on tuesday while walking to the Englyptians house I tripped on the asphalt (anyone who has seen Egyptian roads know how easy that is) and faceplanted right in front of a car. Nice. And now while stepping out of the bathroom I slipped on a wet cloth #3 had spread out on the floor (right in front of the doorway) to dry and buttplanted on the step that leads into the bathroom. Painful.

Needless to say my knees and back hurt right now.

God only knows why I was never a ballerina.


3 responses to “Faceplant x 2

  1. Ouch…poor you!

  2. Awwwww!! Ouch!!

  3. Dang girl, it takes skill to trip on a flat surface! I know because I’ve done it!

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