Shopping Shmopping

I’m not a huge fan of shopping. I know, shocking right? I’m a girl therefore I must like shopping, but in truth I find it exhausting.

So today I’m going to spend all day at Citystars!!!! Wait.. wha? I’m doing it for the Englyptian who really wanted to spend a whole girl day there so I do think it will be fun because she’s a hoot to hang out with. But I will not be spending any money except that which I can eat with because 1- I get less pay now than when I was working full time and 2- we’re trying to save for returning to the states.

Shopping sprees are not conducive to saving money.

Also since my birthday is coming up next week the plan is for Mr. MM to meet us in the evening for a birthday dinner at On The Border. Mmmmmm Tex-Mex.

Its crazy hot here, its only a quarter after nine and if I were not sitting in front of a fan I would be uncomfortable. How much does that suck? I can only pray that everything works out and we can return to the US before the real heat hits in mid-June.

Yes, newbies to Egypt, it does get hotter than this.

107? tip of the iceberg baby.

A very hot iceberg.

A hotberg.

ya ummi!


4 responses to “Shopping Shmopping

  1. Asalaamu `alaikum 😀

    The heat really is something over on this part of the world… OMG I remember having to save every penny, so when I went to the Mall with my friends, I spent it on the mandatory Mall lunch & coffee…

    BUT NO LONGER!!! Muwahahahahahahahahahahahha!!!!!!!!

    LoL alhamdulillah!!

  2. gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl. It gets hot here. Estoy en el desierto mamita.

  3. yeah I know but uy blah, hijabi, desert, heat….hmmm no wonder you miss home

    I dreamed about you last night!

    I dreamed I was asking for donations to travel to a few states with Islamic lectures and Egypt was one place and we went to City stars and took pics…

    Then I woke up :/

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