New Kid on the Block!

Hey guys check out my homegirl Holly, I call her the Meximerican Muslimah because she is my sister from another mister. The coffee to my cream. I should say the original Multicultural Muslimah but I took the name first :P.

She’s a new convert, although she’s been making her way there for a long time, so head over and give her some blog love. She’s had a helluva ride, seriously, but she’s la mera survivor and the strongest chick I know. She is awesome and I love her to death, so should you.

Ps- she is also one of the most beautiful women on earth, mashAllah, and wallahi I’m not exaggerating. I think a good handful of you already know her from myspace and know what I’m talking about. Chica could give Angelina Jolie a complex.

3 responses to “New Kid on the Block!

  1. *shy *head down *blushing

    wow me?!?! Now I know I’m becoming more “muslim-y”!! I usually had the whole ‘look at me’, still do; thing going on.

    Your words are too kind and made my agitated day feel so much better. You are the original multicultural Muslimah though since you are a LOT better traveled than I am!

    Thank you querida, May Allah bless you for your kind words and welcome!

  2. yo ♥ a mi hermana en Islam 🙂

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