Kitty Dreams

I wonder what cats dream about. Zuzu dreams a ton, she twitches, her tail wags, and sometimes her paws move like she’s running.

And just now, asleep on a chair across the room from me, she just jerked and hissed. Hissed. Since I got her this is only the second time she has ever hissed. She’s a great cat, even when we’re punishing her she never hisses, except for once and I think it scared her worse than either of us.

So it was funny to hear. Something in her dream made her hiss.

I wonder what cats dream about.


6 responses to “Kitty Dreams

  1. Catnip and crinkle balls. Also unlimited food. Hope you’re feeling better!

  2. But what made her hiss? The most dangerous things for her in the house are our shibshib. Its just funny, I wish I could see her dreams.

  3. Maybe its one of those instinct things… that there’s something bad out there. or the possibility of it.

  4. The hiss is because you’re taking away her catnip, crinkle ball and/or unlimited food 😉

  5. I would wonder about that too. Our cat would sleep upside down on the sofa or on his back with his legs up. Hilarious.

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