Swine Flu?

I was felled by a mystery disease today. I had been feeling off for the past three days with some stomach issues but nothing serious however today that all changed.

I couldn’t sleep last night, very weird, and when I got up I felt even more off. I walked to the souq to get some veggies for tonight and then met the Englyptian for coffee. By the time I got to the coffee shop I was completely worn out but I thought it was from the heat or from not sleeping.

After an hour of sitting there, the coffee shop must have turned their a/c onto the arctic circle setting because we were freezing. I got up to run to the bathroom and it felt like my bones were breaking and my joints were ripping apart. I could barely walk. Something was definitely not right.

I hobbled home with the Englyptian carrying my bag like the helpless invalid I was- thanks luv- and I laid on the floor with my entire body aching from head to toe. My skin even hurt wherever anyone or anything touched me.

Within an hour I spiked a 102.2 temperature and was cocooned on the couch with every blanket we owned and wearing flannel. It hurt to shiver from the fever, thats how badly my body hurt.

I took some medicine and laid down in bed for a nap and 45 minutes later woke up with the fever broken and drenched in sweat.

So weird.

I feel much better now, not as much body pain as before and feeling simply weak. But what an odd thing. Is there something called the 5 hour flu?

Very, very weird. I’ve honestly gotten more bugs here in Cairo then I ever really got in the States. I mean the serious, fever-inducing, puts you out for weeks at a time and makes you question your mortality type of bugs.

Immunity is such a specific thing.

Ps- I don’t think its really the swine flu. As far as I know it never broke out here, thank God. God only knows what else the petri-dish that is Cairo cooks up on its own though.


2 responses to “Swine Flu?

  1. I get sick a lot more in Muscat then I ever did back home, even with the extreme winters and stuff.

    Honestly, put a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitizer in your purse and use it all the time.

    After grocery stores, markets, movie theaters, restaurants, after using the loo because even if you wash your hands after using the toilet, someone else may not have and then used the door handle to open the door.

    Basically anytime you change environments your should use hand sanitzer and then wash your hand thoroughly when you get home says my uncle who works on influenza for the CDC in the States.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better đŸ™‚

  2. I don’t get sick so often, but dag when I do it’s killer. I also noticed that when I get a cut or a scrape, it takes way longer to heal here versus when we were in the states. Weird, eh?

    I’m glad that you are better.

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