Feckin’ Thieves!

Today as I was getting out of the taxi to walk into the office I forgot that my cell-phone case/cover/pouch/whateveryoucallit was on my lap and it fell to the ground without my noticing. Near where I got out there was a man dusting and wiping down all of the cars either as part of his baweb job or for some other reason- you find a lot of poor people wiping down cars for spare change. I went about my usual route of going to the corner kiosk and buying a pepsi and then walking into the office and setting my stuff on the table when I realized it’s absence. I quickly went through my purse and then ran outside again to look for it. The whole thing took like three minutes.

The taxi driver had pulled up to the corner and was chatting with the office manager and I ran over to see if I left it on the seat. No luck. I ran into the street to see if it was still there. Nope. Then I remembered the man who had been wiping down the cars.

He was mysteriously about ten cars away, still wiping non-chalantly, however you could see that he had stopped wiping mid-car, and then skipped the ten cars to start over again.

I pointed him out and the taxi driver went over to him and came back thirty seconds later with my phone cover.


Bloody thief. He saw where it fell from, the taxi driver had parked his car so even if he hadn’t been able to stop me he could have given it to the driver, and I had walked right past the same spot a second time after buying my pepsi. He literally meant to keep it.

Ever wonder what is fundamentally wrong with Egypt? Thats it right there.

Worthless, scumbag, thieves.

And don’t a single person even say anything about being poor because in the end of life it doesn’t matter how much money we had if we were honest before GOD.

No matter that I have my phone case back, he will be judged by his intention which was to steal it. I hope when he fries he remembers why.

Also, if shariah law were still enforced he would have lost a hand.

My anger is not about the cell phone case itself. I could buy another one with only minor inconvenience. Its the principle that it was not only easy for him to return it, but that he LEFT THE AREA to hide what he did. As if he would escape notice and get away with it. I am pissed because he lacks the simple humanity of returning it.

In the states 99% of the time someone would have stopped me or ran to catch me to give it back. Remember that- every single one of you who read my blog and think that living in a “Muslim” country is so much more closer to “Islam” than living in a “pagan” or “unbelieving” country.

I have yet, I swear to you, to see the same level of Islam here as I saw almost daily in the United States of America.

5 responses to “Feckin’ Thieves!

  1. I think you are absolutely right. I’d be pissed off too and for the same reasons. Shame really.

  2. I would have been really PO’d too and probably would have thrown something at him out of anger, umm maybe…Shame on him though!

    I do agree with you about the States someone would have picked it up and given it back. From what I have experienced in the UAE (Sharjah) I have noticed that if you dropped something (not money though) generally people will leave it where it fell on the ground and just walk around it. Maybe it was just me experiencing it. I don’t know but weird.

  3. What’s fundamentally wrong with Egypt is that petty thieves exist?

    I don’t know Molly. The system is messed up. But not everything is about why monolithic Egypt sucks.

    I still think you need to get out of the city for a little while. Cairo kind of sits on your chest. It’s a city that can make people want to, for example, see someone lose a limb and burn eternally over a worthless trinket. In my eyes that’s just a symptom of the need for breathing space again.

  4. I agree with Mishu. It is funny what this city can do to you. We should make excuses for people, in order to not become like them.

    I also do not think that everyone in America would have ran after you giving it back. I have (unfortunately) had a lot of things stolen. You can hardly compare Minnesota with Cairo 😀 Can you even compare New York City with Cairo? Cairo is a world of its own.

  5. “I have yet, I swear to you, to see the same level of Islam here as I saw almost daily in the United States of America.”

    that, I think, is ultimately the root of why Muslim countries are forever down.

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