Viva Andalucia!

Egypt is mildly obsessed with Andalucia and the history of Muslims in Spain. You can see any number of small cafes, restaurants, or parks named after the historic region including a large cafe/park/nadi on the Nile near downtown. Or maybe its on the corniche in Giza… I get mixed up. Its on the Nile somewhere in Cairo, thats all I can promise.

Add Egyptian fascination with Mr. MM’s addiction to football (soccer) and now he has decided that at some point in our lives we will, inshAllah, live in Ishbiliya for at least one year.

Ishbiliya? That would be Sevilla, in Arabic. In fact the word Sevilla is derived from the word Ishbiliya which I believe was most likely derived from the Roman name for the city: Hispalis.

For all of my geographically impaired readers out there, you know who you are, Sevilla is in the south of Spain with other such historically Muslim cities as Grenada, Malaga, Cordoba, and Cadiz.

Live there for a year? I’m definitely not arguing. I’ve always wanted to be somewhere that my children could pick up Spanish as another of their native languages. Yes I could teach them myself however it would be so much easier if we lived somewhere Spanish-speaking.

Plus look at it:

The Tower of Gold, originally a lookout tower built during the Muslim Almohad Dynasty

The Tower of Gold, originally a lookout tower built during the Muslim Almohad Dynasty

Actually I’m quite shocked at the lack of good pictures of Sevilla available on google. But these will do. It looks nice right?

Who knows if we’ll ever actually be able to. But we’re open to the option. One day.

Ah, Sevilla! Viva Andalucia!


7 responses to “Viva Andalucia!

  1. Wow! From the look of these pictures, I’m not surprised that anyone would have a “mild obsession” with the place. I’d love to live there myself.

  2. Looks very beautiful. I love Spanish architecture. I love the photo with the golden hallway and gold arches. InshaAllah you and your family will be able to live there or at least visit.

    Do you speak Spanish?

  3. I meant to ask instead, are you a Latina?

  4. LOL!!! Yes come here to Spain!!!! But know Sevilla is not all like that…the old part of town, yes, but that’s about it…the rest is as any other city, and the summers are horribly hot (but well, I guess living in Egypt that part is covered lol). People are nice there, food is ok (if you only eat halal, it might take you a while to find halal places)…I would rather live in Granada than Sevilla, being able to see the Alhambra every day..ahhh,t hat must be so nice…I love going there every year!!!

  5. lol Elena la cosa es q no estoy enamorada del acento espanol. No offense. A mi me gusta mas lo de Peru o de Puerto Rico. Cuando fui a Madrid casi no entendi NADA.
    But I would prefer to live in Spain than Peru or Puerto Rico.
    Dime, son los espanoles como los otros europeos? Pq me han caido feos en el pasado. Los europeos, no los espanoles. Like super rude and snobby. Dime la verdad. Es la unica cosa q me hace pensar.

    Maryann- I am not Latina in a genetic sort of way however I spent a good portion of my life with Mexicans and South Americans and speaking Spanish. So culturally latina I guess you could say. Hence the moniker: Multicultural Muslimah. 😀

  6. haha well the accents you like are the ones I don’t like lol. But living in the south, you would find that they speak similar to south americans so is ok for you:-) as for your other worry, we are nothing like europeans lol, I often feel as you did when I travelled to other european countries, they are very cold and rude lol. Of course there are nice people everywhere, but nothing like Spain!!! :-p

  7. Assalamu ‘Alaikum wa rahmatullah well your white so your white girl accent speaking spanish self woth fit right in wherever!!!

    Spain looks great and I am too developing a mild fascination with it and the erali Spanish speaking Muslims from there it’s all starting to make sense now for me. If you got to live in Spain that would be awesome!

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