The worst part about getting hooked into a series of books is when you finish the last one.

It sucks! Seriously!



14 responses to “Man

  1. I always get disappointed at the end too.

    Just find another series!

  2. The Fark Knight

    What’ve you been reading? I’ve loosened up on reading serials, especially when they are still in publication.


  3. I just finished the Twilight books yesterday myself – I feel your pain.

  4. Same as finishing the season of your favourite show that you got on DVD, and the big existential question becomes –
    now what? I have all this free time and I don’t know what to do with it! 🙂

  5. lool. my daughter was so upset when she finished reading the twilight series. i couldnt console her..she started reading them again.

  6. No kidding… I get sucked into series a lot.. esp trillogies… I think I’m in the middle of 2 or 3. Not only is there the let down at the end, but the waiting in between!

  7. I’m so pathetic, I’m reading number four again.

    Thankfully I had my supplier so I could go straight through the books. I did cheat with number four though, Egyptians download everything and somehow an Egyptian friend of my supplier (book crack networking) d/l’ed the fourth book (I have no idea how, it looks like a final draft before publication or maybe its whats sent to reviewers and critics) and so I got it emailed to me and I read it on the computer.

    Now… if you’ll excuse me. I’m going to return to reading the book I just finished reading this morning.

    Did I mention that I am pathetic?

  8. Which is why you should read the Wheel of Time Series – the author dragged it on for years, writing thousand page tomes, and then died before he finished. It will never end, bwahaha.

  9. Sorry, the comment from onlinerihla was me. Blog going through some wacky changes that are apparently infecting my off blog commenting

  10. This is why I wont read those books. When I do get an itch to read a book, I read nonstop. I don’t eat or sleep, which really doesn’t go with working or having a child.

    Well, at least you got to see what all the hype is about. Do you think they’re worth it?

  11. Umm Abdo- Honestly I don’t think I could say whether it would be worth it for you because I don’t know your taste in books. Obviously if so many people get so involved in them there has to be something about it right? Stephanie Meyers’ writing style is so easy to read that in many places it becomes trite and makes you roll your eyes but I have to say that she writes some great dialogue and is an ABSOLUTE master at leading the reader on. If you have an issue with putting books down once you start reading them then I suggest that you wait for a vacation where you are not working, can busy Abdo with other things, and get all four books because I assure you that you will finish the one book and reach over for the next one without getting up. Like a chain smoker.
    I usually don’t have problems with putting books down if I have to but with these I literally lost whole days. I would think to myself ‘one hour of reading’ and four hours later I’d be banging my head on the wall.
    But do I think you should read them? Yes.

    Rahma- You know for some odd reason your comments have the tendency to be sent to my spam. I’ve fished a lot of your comments from the spambox before. I think it might be the platform you blog from.

  12. “Which is why you should read the Wheel of Time Series – the author dragged it on for years, writing thousand page tomes, and then died before he finished. It will never end, bwahaha.”

    Apparently its going to be finished by other writers. Its like Lord of the rings, if you start it you have to finish it.

  13. I couldn’t stop myself with those books. I had to promise myself I wouldn’t buy the next one because I had exams to study for, but I ended up reading all four in one week. And then not doing very well on my exams. So much for that promise.

  14. I love the Twilight series!!! what did I did when I finished them? I bought The Host and read it lol…Not the same, but well, I can see her writing a second part of it.

    M..I’ve writing writing my first novel! Is also fiction , kind of Twilight, but not exactly vampires. I am writing it in Spanish, do you want to see what I have so far and give me your opinion??? Is around 40 pages so far, you will read it fast lol. Just let me know;-)

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