Our internot will be internet. Someday.

I think Mr. MM was on the phone last night with his brother talking about getting a new router, and before anyone starts to praise my mad Arabic skillz I’d just like to mention that between Arabic words he kept saying things like “router” and wireless router.”

I’d like to think that I would have understood anyways.

I’m procrastinating going to the grocery store and the souq because I’m lazy and oddly dizzy today. The only problem is that the longer I procrastinate the hotter it gets outside. Now is when I wish we had a baweb (see glossary for definition) so I could give him money and send him to get the stuff I need.


Well… off I go.

If the internet is still working later I will try to blog about whats new because there is a lot and yet its all the same.

Oh, and I can’t entirely blame our internot for my lack of blogging. My delightful new friend has gleefully handed me the book-crack that is the Twilight series. I henceforth consider her my ‘supplier.’ Those of you who have read the books know what I mean.

And no, I haven’t watched the movie and I’m actually still debating about whether I ever will. Maybe when New Moon comes out I’ll watch Twilight first and then go to New Moon.

Choices choices.


5 responses to “Someday

  1. I’m reading Twilight too. I haven’t watched TV in a couple days. lol

  2. I read the first book in one day. I paused for about five minutes to order New Moon from Amazon; other than that, I just read all day–I even fixed meals with my nose buried in the book. After New Moon arrived, I found Eclipse and Breaking Dawn at the BookSpot. I did nothing but read for the next three days.

    The movie is okay. I’m not sure if I would have liked it if I hadn’t been addicted to the book. At first I was impressed with it. The actress who plays Bella has just the right look, and the house in Forks was perfect. But then they added stuff that never happened, deleted stuff that did, and rearranged some events … I didn’t like that so much.

  3. “supplier” hahahhahah

  4. “book crack” LOL I love it. I might just have to break down and buy the series… As a reader I HATE it when someone is talking about books I haven’t read… And yet, I also hate reading “popular” books unless I started reading before they were widely known. Some leftover resistance to pop culture from my teenage days I guess. The same one that winces when she sees people wearing Ramones shirts, or got mad when The Cure hit the top 40… Hence, I have never read Twilight although I have thought about it many times.

    Anyway, considering my special relationship with vampire novels, I should read Twilight. Considering that Anne Rice has gone to theology I have to get my vampire fix elsewhere. LOL

  5. OOooh….so you like it! Goody! My sister has the series & lent me the first one – I’ve yet to read it but it’s coming up soon on my list. I love book-crack!

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