So, yeah, I got another job. Ha! Its cool though, I’ll only be working three evenings a week teaching English to adults. I think its gonna be a blast and I’m looking forward to it. I felt a little bad though because the other American girl who is starting the same time as me took some courses in Alex to get a certification to teach English.

Yeah. I definitely did not. Look, anyone who really wants to get the whole expat experience can come here without the expensive certification and still get a job teaching English. FYI. Don’t waste your time or money.

Zuzu got into the kitchen while we were out (ahem someone left the door open- and it wasn’t me) and she found the bag of catnip. We came home to catnip spread all over the floor and a  stoned feline; apparently we haven’t had the ‘just say no’ talk with her yet. God only knows what she did with the dirty dishes.

Part of what I wrote last night- that was so helpfully deleted by wordpress- was how she is back to her royal pain in the tuckus-ness and alhamdulillah for that. She has starting stealth ninja attacking my heels again as I walk past her favorite ambush spot, she has remembered how much fun it is to throw and chase bottle caps again so now we fall asleep to the symphonic sounds of ‘clackity-clack thud thud piffle clack’ all night long. The only thing missing is the chirping but each day she is becoming more vocal so I’m hoping its just a matter of time. She was at her height of chirpy whilst in heat so I’m worried that she may not chirp now that she has been de-sexed. Seriously though, she is the cutest damn thing with her bottle caps. She carries them in her mouth and the bottle cap is bigger around than her snout is so it’s extra cute and then she’ll throw it into the air for herself and take off running to catch it. We’ll gather up like five of them together and throw them down the hall and she’ll never know which one to go after.  She stalks them, pounces, rolls over on her back and holds them up with her paws. So cute.

I missed her antics.She’s 3abita awy*.

So, I will most likely start work tomorrow- quick turnover considering I just interviewed today- but I’m hoping it will help me keep my days structured. Plus I get to teach again which I haven’t really done since French and Spanish small groups five years ago. I’m excited.

While observing a class today I was reading the multi-lingual writing on a dry-board marker and it was in English, German, and French… or was it? The french line said this:

peut rester jusqu’a 2 semanas sin secarse.

A million brownie points to anyone who can tell me whats weird about that sentence.

*3abita awy= very silly.


9 responses to “Semi-funemployed

  1. LOL love the mixed languages there… I can only read part of it though so unless that’s what you’re getting at… I’ll leave the brownie points to someoe else lol.

    Glad your kitty is back to normal. I miss the bottle cap thing… we can’t let Mumble do that anymore because of the baby.

    A friend of mine there (in Egypt) told me about the teaching thing.. I was looking into it (and in other countries too) before I moved here… As much as I would have loved it… Am very thankful I moved here instead. Seemed so random at the time though…

  2. Im so sorry I didnt call u back uhkti! I was so tired last night… well, all weekend.

    Please forgive me !! 😦

    I am glad u are getting on with things, in shaa Allah you will be much happier

    glad to hear about zuzu too poor girl 😦

    you know I had this medicine with “valerian root” to help sleep, and my cat was going batty with the empty packet… I wonder, do u know what is actually in catnip? She acted pretty stoned too, it was hilarious!

  3. Umm Travis – catnip is the actual name of the plant. In cats it pretty much gets them high lol… but if made into a tea for humans it puts us to sleep similar to valerian. Is why you have to be careful w/ cat toys if you have small kids… well, that and that some are choking hazards lol. Odd that it makes such different reactions though right?

  4. Wow MK! Very weird! I actually looked it up, it is a member of the mint family?

    Ohhh my cats would probably go batty on that stuff… whered u get it?

  5. Here you can find it anywhere… walmart, pet stores, even most grocery stores lol. If you want it loose you almost have to go to a pet store though… although I’m sure some health stores might carry it for human use.

  6. dictatorprincess

    salam alaikoum
    uh that sentence, the first half is in French and the rest is in Spanish?
    IN Switzerland and in France you can’t teach English at a Berlitz school or anythign wihtout a teaching certificate. I would love to teach but they won’t touch me here.
    I miss my cats so much and love the way they aggravate you but at the same time endear themselves, but then I tell myself I am married to a big pain in the butt cat.

  7. ding ding ding! A million points to DP. First half is french and the second half is in Spanish. The phrase right before it was in Italian as well (although it translates the same in French): quasi inodore. Is that french for real DP?

    Yeah, but Europe is a lot more strict than Egypt on… pretty much everything. The very first job I was offered was working in an international primary school teaching 5th year students in the American chapter. I can’t imagine how much the parents pay to put their children in schools where the teachers are not even the least bit qualified. Just another reason I don’t want to raise my children here.

    You can’t have a cat where you are?

  8. I think what’s wrong with this sentence is that…

    2 semanas son un período excessivement longue.

  9. right? I wanted to leave the cap off just to see if it were true.

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