Busier When Not Working

I must be tired, for some reason it looks like I misspelled the word ‘Busier.’

I have found that I actually am busier now while not working than I was while employed. Of course with cramming in all that studying and a maid who hasn’t shown up for three weeks running means I have alot on my not-so-clean plate. (I so hate doing dishes.)

Now today I have bought a beginner’s Egyptian colloquial dialect book ‘Kullu Tamam’ and will probably dive headfirst into figuring out where all those Arabic phrases I’ve learned and bantied about fit into the overall scheme of speaking Egyptian.

Yes I’m learning the colloquial. Yes I intend to learn the formal Arabic someday.

I mean, simply from trying to keep up with the Arabic translation of all my TV shows I have learned such useful utterings as “hasnan” and “agl.” Whoops, I mean “ajl,” silly Egyptian pronounciation.

I do, however, prefer to learn Egyptian now so when I chat up my in-laws I won’t sound like the Arabic equivalent of Shakespeare.

Compounding my lack of time for adequate blogging would be the craptastic internet (or interNOT as my husband referred to it this morning) we seem to be having a spate of. Unfortunately I can’t blame it on Egypt, its probably our second-hand router. God only knows.

But I can say that my life is in a creative chaos of paperwork, studies, rudimentary cleaning, daily cooking conundrums, and a recently-developed desire to wander the local main street.

#@*%&%*@# wordpress just deleted half my post by logging me out.

[insert cuss words]

I’m going to bed.


3 responses to “Busier When Not Working

  1. salam sister, hope u feel better after a good night sleep.

  2. Aww.. Get some rest. Understood on the learning Arabic thing… I’ve wanted to learn it for years… is prob good I hadn’t gotten serious yet, because I’m gonna have to start w/ Lebanese lol. I love the Shakespear reference btw…

  3. The Fark Knight

    Hehhe! You know, a couple of days ago, I was writing this dead-tree article & somehow by the end, the word “text” was looking so alien to me that I literally rechecked the spelling of the word.

    That set me thinking and researching; and I ended up with “Semantic Satiation”. That is the phenomenon that makes commonplace things seem alien! 🙂

    Not sure about your circumstances though! O_o


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