spontaneous and probably not thought out randoms

1.) Thank God for being an American citizen. I am not banging on anyone else’s country either, I’m sure its great to be a British citizen or an Australian citizen or a French citizen or [insert your country here] citizen. I am just so thankful for being an American. I love checking the little “I am an American citizen” boxes on the applications. It gives me a thrill. Also it makes everything SUPER easy. Alhumdulillah.

2.) I love being able to use words like alhumdulillah and inshAllah with my mom. I love it even more that SHE sometimes uses them too. My mom ROCKS. She’s the best mom ever. Alhumdulillah.

3.) I love Alexandria. Me and the Mister spent yesterday on the coast and it was A-mazing. I want to move there for REAL. If I’m here this summer I just might. I spent the afternoon studying for my GRE in the Alexandria Library. So here’s how it breaks down:
-bought my Kaplan from a Fulbright Scholar
-studied in one of the most historical and oldest established libraries in the world.

The omens are good right? …right?! Alhumdulillah. I’ll probably.. maybe… well we’re hoping I will… blog about the Alex trip a little more cuz it was a really cool overnight getaway.

Uhm… yeah… not thought out. Did I have a number four?


ok.. I’ll post that one IF I remember it and IF I actually had a number four.

I need to do my taxes now.


edit: I sound cracked out. I’m not. My apologies.

Also, I hate that gmail doesn’t have folders. If you can hear me google, please make folders! it would be so much easier for searching that way.


7 responses to “spontaneous and probably not thought out randoms

  1. Have you tried the labels in gmail ? I find them quite useful. Not a very big choice of colors though.
    If google hears you, can you ask for more colors too please ?

  2. Oh I don’t think you’re cracked out at all, perhaps it’s because I am. I don’t know.

    Also, I’m assuming you’re the lovely spanish speaker? I couldn’t figure out who would have wrote such a thing. And you asked an intriguing question. But, I’ll never tell πŸ˜›

    or at least not for today. But you can ask hints and I’ll reply and perhaps then you’ll know my nationality.

  3. Alexandria+ Summer + No Escape = a state of limp, miserable, humid, sweaty, stifled perma-droop if you’re not *right* on top of the coast. Just FYI, if you do go looking for a place. πŸ™‚

  4. masha’allah.. I love randoms.. and Im so glad to hear you love Alex, I have a friend there who I have wanted to visit for like 6 years.. insha’allah one day

  5. Good luck with the taxes! Mashallah, being an American cit makes life so much easier. Love you!

  6. Asalamu Alaikum, sorry to be the haram police but I think its the second time I have heard you using the word omen and just wanted to let you know that believing in omens or any kind of superstition is a form of shirk and is the biggest sin in the eyes of Allah. By the way I love reading your blog, you are a great writer

    • Laila- I appreciate your desire to inform however you have overlooked two key issues:

      1) I would have thought that it was fairly obvious that I was being slightly facetious.

      2) Believing that God has sent us a sign about something is not haraam. Just because I did not use the Arabic word ‘i’shaara’ and instead used the more recognizable (at least for my audience) word ‘omen’ does not mean that I am committing shirk. Certainly I am not here shuffling my tarot cards and once more determining my karmic chances for getting a good grade. And, returning back to being facetious, I certainly don’t believe that either receiving my book from a Fulbright scholar or studying in the world’s oldest library will inject me with super-brains through simple osmosis.

      I do also, however, appreciate you softening the ‘haraam’ blow by adding in that quick addendum. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the compliment!

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