I am, currently, enjoying not working. We’ll see how long that lasts.

My last day was so sweet, they had a small party for me, bought a very yummy icecream cake and what I can only assume was an expensive silver and turqouise necklace. Yikes! The cake was obvious but I was not expecting such an expensive parting gift. I will miss my coworkers but I’ll still be in touch with some of them. I will also miss being in the office and playing on the nice computer, and being generally useful- to a certain extent. I still have my key, they wanted me to keep it so I could come any time, and I’m on call for them if they need me. Its not a total break but I’m certainly not working anymore.

Zuzu is doing fabulously. She’s almost back to herself… almost. She seems pretty much completely healthy again but she is still not playing like she used to and she’s not chirping with me or talking to me like she used to. I hope these are things that return with time because I really miss her chirping with me.

The untold story is that after my last post on the subject Zuzu got sicker again. She spent a whole day doing the seizure-like movements before I finally decided to take her to a DIFFERENT vet as Vet #1 obviously was not giving her what she needed. I won’t refer to them by name because I know that both of them google themselves and I am not going to say nice things about either of them. Vet #1 is the vet I named in all of the other posts and while I think he is competent he obviously couldn’t cure Zuzu and I don’t know why. I don’t think I will ever bring a sick pet to him again, unfortunately, not now that I don’t trust his ability. Vet #2 did like a miracle cure on my kitten but I didn’t really like her as a person.

I brought Zuzu to her on a Friday (someone who works on a Friday!) and she was very concerned; she told me that the seizure-like movements were not neural seizures but something brought on by the fever and by low liver function caused by the infection. She gave Zuzu two injections; a weaker antibiotic because she thought the fever was from antibiotics changing too much and a neuron vitamin and steroid injection. She then did like a miracle clean on Zuzu’s opened incision- which was still gaping and refused to scab over. By the next day it had healed 60%, it was amazing. When we got Zuzu home that first friday she wander over to her food dish and dove head-first. She had gotten so skinny over the course of her illness that from arial-view she was shaped like a turkey drumstick with legs and a tail. Over the week she gained pretty much a full kilo and was sucking down the cat food like a black hole. She is now, alhumdulillah, cat shaped again.

I had to take Zuzu to her five days in a row which kind of sucked, but it was worth it, my coworkers got to know her well since I had to bring her to work with me for three of those days. We had to go out and get a big heavy rock to put on that drain as she kept pulling everything else we put on there off and drinking from it. She has to have been drinking from that drain for a long time; I had always assumed she didn’t drink much water because I rarely had to fill her water bowl but once we blocked that drain I’ve had to fill it everyday. It makes me nauseous to think about her drinking that. Weird cat.  But now the rock is heavier than she is so its staying shut.

Vet #2 really did help Zuzu and I’m thankful, but she is new to having her own practice, and young, and she hasn’t really gotten the concept of not saying things that will piss the client off yet. And its not just a cultural thing even Mr. MM, on the first day we brought Zuzu, said to me ‘she’s a little weird isn’t she?’ But she has a lot of baraka (blessing from God) in what she does and she healed my poor kitty and for that I’m indebted to her. If you want to know her name, email me and I will tell you. (Email can be found on my ‘about’ page.)

Moving on, I did not find a dictionary yesterday… so sad. I still really need one. *pout*

Here is the link to the Veridical Paradox post I said I would write.

And I think I will write about helping DU’s daughter with English another time. Its mostly a rant on how craptastic the schools are in Egypt- even expensive ones.

Signing off for now because my eyes are becoming blurry from all of these words. And cuz I have to go cook.

Its getting hot here agin *sob*



4 responses to “Funemployment!

  1. yeh do let us know when youve had enough.. its currently my 6th month of UNemployment and its not fun anymore

  2. recession is taking a toll on most ppl, im still glad i have a job. alhamduillah

  3. I’m sure ZuZu will be back to chirping in no time 🙂

  4. I wish I was unemployed so I could write, read, surf the net, worship, learn and play as much as possible but then I’d go broke and couldn’t, so Alhamdulilah for having a well paying part time job in which I get benefits from both sides.

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