So sorrrrrry

Sorry I haven’t been updating. This morning I woke up from a dream where I was screaming the definition of the word ‘inchoate’ at a faceless examiner (at least I knew the definition). Thats when you know its bad. The highlight of my day today will be buying a dictionary. Thats when you know its bad. I have an irrational fear that I will not be able to find a dictionary. Thats when you really know its bad.

Anyways, being surrounded by words and word vomit means that sitting down and dribbling out some more words is low on my list of priorities. Its somewhere below curling up into the fetal position and slobbering.

Things I will blog about (probably later today unless I die of heat stroke walking to the bookstore, grocery store, and souq- its getting hot here again):

-Zuzu and how fabulous she is now (alhumdulillah) and what it took to get her there- the untold story. Yes… there was more than what I already bored you to death told you about.

-Some of the absolutely horrendous words they make you learn for the verbal section on the GRE. Oh wait.. maybe I should blog on Veridical Paradox about that one. Will leave link.

-My last day at work (yes I am now officially funemployed- as my friend Forsooth likes to call it… or at least did until she went broke.)

-How I help DU’s youngest daughter with her English because the ease of it helps soothe the wounds left by the GRE’s vocab list.

-Uhm… well anything else random that pops into my mind while I am word vomiting writing said future post.

Now.. I’m off to walk all over christendom (oh wait, that word actually doesn’t apply here) to find a dictionary (suck it,) Doha Jasmine rice (its the ish,) and fresh produce.


2 responses to “So sorrrrrry

  1. hehe 🙂 cant wait to hear all about it hun

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