The View From Wonderland

I’ve only been here in Egypt since last June, so roughly ten months give or take a week. When I was in the US you could see that the economy was faltering and the housing market had been on the rocks for a couple of years previous to that but it was nothing compared to what it is now. In these last ten months the sh*t really did hit the fan, and I was not there to see it.

Please understand that my view of things is distant and fuzzy at best, I couldn’t see it first hand but I heard about it on the news and I guess by now I should realize that what happens is usually one hundred times worse than what they say on the TV. In the past three to four months specifically a large number of people I know have been “downsized” and are out of work, including two family members, one of whom is fortunately working again in another place.

But seriously I cannot fathom, in the deepest recesses of my usually fertile imagination, how bad it really is there. I was chatting with my mom last night and she mentioned a house in our neighborhood had gone on the market and that it had three times the land that our house had and yet it was going for 79 grand.

A house! With three full lots of land IN Saint Paul, for 79 freaking grand? Our own house, 8 years ago, went for only a little less than twice that. I feel like we’ve been whisked back to the 1970’s! 79,000? Its unbelievable!

If I had money, my friends, I would be buying land and houses left and right. Unfortunately the biggest problem right now is that no one has any, least of all myself.

Living here I cannot see how things truly are back home, I know that when I was doing some boredom-driven job searches I got a little nauseous at seeing how few there were. Thats scary. But to know that things are going that cheap just reeks of desperation and thats even scarier. I’m not sure what I’ll be going home to but I do know that I want to go home.

Nothin’ like bein’ around to help pull your nation up by the shorthairs bootstraps.

Ah, if only I had money.


I’d be collecting houses like Imelda Marcos collected shoes.

Or Angelina collects babies.

Edit: did mls search. fell in love with house. cursing lack of 75K.

curse you lack of money, cuuuuuuuuuuuurse!

Edit #2: dreams. crushed. pieces. everywhere.


10 responses to “The View From Wonderland

  1. or Egypt collects dust 😉

  2. ROFL

    and stray animals.

  3. if we continue to withstand the economic sh*t storm, inshaAllah we’re planning on buying a house next year.

    alas, the husband works for a non profit that lost a large percentange of it’s endowment in the stockmarket. yeah, it sucks to pay for other people’s follies.


  4. I’m in Canada and even I haven’t been able to see it. It’s not too too bad here, but so many layoffs in shops dealing with the US. We are too dependant! I’m lucky not to be affected with my job…

  5. I have friends desperately affected by this in Dubai. Its so sad. Riba will always come back to bite u in the buttocks.

  6. To be honest, I’m here and still don’t quite fathom it. I see how little houses are going for yes… and people losing jobs… my husband even did (but found a much better one thankfully). But we were on a pretty tight budget to begin with… so things don’t feel any different for us. I guess I should be thankful for that lol.

  7. Yea. Money would be good. BUT alhamdulillah, for we are better off than others.

  8. Things are even worse here in Austin then imaginable. We are seeing little signs like less food on a restaurant plate, grocery buyers no longer buying certain pine sol’s besides the original, and a ton of homes on the market without a buyer. I’m still on unemployment and even sprung for a sub teacher gig, only to find that no teacher’s are being called since Jan. Not enough need subs to make it a job I can count on.

    You are better off!

  9. Salaamu alaikoum – just a friendly and short reminder that all property on this earth is only temporary, as everyone already knows ) 🙂 – even Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, when he died, only had a small one-room little shack, because he had always given his money away for sadaqa. If we really want lots of land and a nice big house, there is a hadith that states that we can have a HUGE mansion in paradise just by doing our 12 sunnah rakats, each day subhanAllah! Everyone works so hard on this earth to make lots of money and buy big houses, but this will all perish – and just think how easy Allah has made it for us to have a huge mansion and property in paradise – the 12 recommended rakats of sunnah prayer each day 🙂 SubhanAllah. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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