Ya Utta!(hey, cat!)

I just love this silly cat so much. SubhanAllah* God made these creatures and they love us unconditionally, trust us no matter what we do to them, and will stay with us unless they are forceably taken away.

Since the very first day I brought Zuzu home she has trusted me. No more than four or five hours after I first met the silly kitten I took her to the vet where she got a number of painful immunizations and it was my arms that she sought protection in and my hands that she purred under even through all of the needle pokes. Today after a painful antibiotic injection she tried to hide in my armpit and this evening the very first moment I sat down to peel potatoes she left her second favorite place to sleep and climbed onto my lap, potatoes and all, and tried to curl up in my arms. Even after lovingly pushing her down she stayed curled up at my side until I finished.

Every single chance she gets to climb into my side of the armoire and sleep on the clothes she does so, no matter how many times I shoo her out and no matter that Mr. MM leaves the door of his side open so she can sleep in there whenever she wants. Its my side of the armoire she breaks into (although I think a part of this is because I actually leave a pile of shawls and other miscellaneous items of clothing in a pile at the bottom so its comfy and warm) to sleep on my clothes.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by how much I love this silly creature and I’m overwhelmed by how much she loves me. God gave us these creatures, and all of the earth, as a trust.

I’m trying to earn it, one silly utta*** at a time.

*SubhanAllah- see glossary of terms.
**Utta- cat in Arabic.


4 responses to “Ya Utta!(hey, cat!)

  1. ** Utta – cat in Egyptian dialect

    The REAL word is qittah


    And ps. I totally know what u mean! YAy for kitties!

  2. pffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft. foosha shmoosha. “utta” is better than whatever word they use in the gulf states. whatever the word is its uber weird, doesn’t even sound close to “qitta” but “qitta” sounds suspiciously close to “kitteh” and maybe the lolcats have it right after all.

    Also the q is there in utta, they just don’t pronounce it. Like Masged Farooq is said “faroo'” but that doesn’t mean the q isn’t there. 😛

    Oh and I constantly annoy my husband by (attempting to) pronounce the q. I hate that they drop it, it sounds so weird all the time.

  3. Awww… My husband was about to refer you to lolcats until I read him the comments. I know just how you feel though… w/ all we’ve been through w/ Mumble over the last months. Yesterday she let me pet her for a long time.. the most she has since the baby came home (and my mil traumatized her).

  4. So many people in this world–and it is particularly true here in Egypt, dont realize animals are an “amana” for us. Despite abuse even, they stay true to their human guardians. They trust long after a human would lose trust. They are so devoted. Allah help all people to be kinder to animals.

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