Not Seizures

Thank God.

Just her being dizzy and wacked out from her fever. She got a shot from the vet and will get two more from me tomorrow and the day after. InshAllah everything will be done and she will heal quickly and I can have my healthy kitty back.

Tips to expats- if you are going back, wait until you are there to perform surgeries on your pets. Its much better in the States or whichever western, developed country you’re from.

I am so glad they are not seizures, alhumdulillah. But Dr. Mikhail looked at me like I was a crackhead, I think he finds me amusing. *sigh*

Dude, looked like seizures to me.

Bas alhumdulillah rabiya al-ameen.


7 responses to “Not Seizures

  1. I really loved my vet though. Well not love… but I was impressed ma shaa Allah. So if anyone in Heliopolis/Nasr City needs a vet, I can recommend a great Muslim doc.

    I am glad she is ok. Take it easy ukhti :S

  2. You go see Dr. Rania right? She practices here as well, not far from Dr. Mikhail its just that I know Dr. Mikhail and he is the one who does all of the surgeries for the shelters. Maybe I should have gone to her instead though. Allahu 3alem. Thanks honeybunch.

  3. Alhamdulillah ZuZu is better.

  4. No, his name is Dr. Nour Hashish 🙂

  5. looooooooool@ “crackhead”!!! I’ve noticed even though the vets here are in the animal business, they still seem to get a kick out of us “foreigners” and our attitudes towards pets. I am soooooo glad to hear Zuzu is on the men–again! Insha Allah she’ll stay on the path to full recovery!

  6. He thought my husband and I were insane, too. He seems to care about animals, but doesn’t understand why we tend to think of them as our babies. I’m very glad Zuzu is okay. If she responds like my Cleo did to her infection, she’ll be just fine very soon. Oh–and I’m *very* impressed with you giving her shots yourself. When the assistant came to my place to give her a shot, I just had to help hold her, and she scratched the crap out of me.

  7. Yea I don’t think he understands our attitudes, most Egyptians don’t.

    And Deborah don’t be too impressed with me yet, I haven’t given her one. She got one yesterday from Dr. Mikhail and this evening will be MY first time giving them. I’m nervous but Zuzu is a really laid back cat, she never hisses, never growls, she screamed yesterday and nipped at the hand of the assistant holding her but she doesn’t even really bite. I hope I can give her the shot, inshAllah.

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