Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone who left sweet and comforting comments on all my posts about Zuzu. It really did help to know other people were caring about my cat and supporting me.

Thank you so much.

Currently she is doing good. She fights us pretty hard on giving her the pills, in fact I believe that in one of those battles she opened a small section of her incision so she has a dime-sized hole. It looks ugly but it doesn’t bother her and it doesn’t seem to be infected. I’m putting antibiotic cream on it and hoping that it heals up. I’ve also stopped trying to force the pills on her, mostly because I don’t want to injure her further.

Other than this she is eating and running around a lot more and generally returning to her normal self. She does seem to be extra needy in terms of lovin’; everytime I sat down yesterday she was up on my lap, but I’m not complaining. I missed my cuddly furball.

Again thank you to everyone who left me kind comments and e-mails, it meant and means so much to me.


4 responses to “Thank You!

  1. Glad to hear she is better. InshaAllah she’ll be running around chasing flies or dust or whatever soon.

  2. Did you try tricking the cat by rolling the pill in some meat? I have to do that with my dog and make sure if you are not hiding the pill that it is placed as far back in the mouth as possible so they automatically swallow it.

  3. If she absolutely won’t take the pills–mine won’t; not even the vet can make them–the vet will give her daily shots. That’s what he did for both of mine after their surgery; he even sent his assistant to my apartment when Cleo needed one on Friday…not to give unwanted advice, I feel like I’ve been doing that a lot…but if she starts acting lethargic or like she may have an infection, give him a call.

  4. Asalom Alai Kom sis,

    I really like your blog MashAllah ……I have not read it in aa while though, as I have not had free time….but Alhomdolelah am catching up now.

    Aa trick I do with my cats….is pop the pill in back of mouth ….hold mouth closed and rub their throats….you have to be straight forward, and not mess about, so as not to stress them….I know holding their mouth closed sounds cruel…but its only for a few seconds, untill they swallow. But cats are sneaky, one of mine used to trick me, and spit it out later when I was not looking hehehehhe….

    Ma Saloma

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