15 responses to “Is That Writing On The Wall?

  1. Sis, dont feel bad, no one knows how to do their job here. And sure they know that… so just dont feel bad ok!?!?!

    As for not being able to deal with the crapola, like I totally get it. And u gotta live here to understand that. I couldnt do that either. Like I am not an actress yo!

    Good for you, for knowing what you need!

    And if you get bored outta ur tree at home, come knock on my door! We can have sum adventures drivin in the big Cair-O!

  2. Ps. b4 anyone gets on my case, I mean – most ppl just do any job, whether they are qualified or not. Like doctors for one! HAHA

    so chill outtttttt

  3. Umm T- I love you! and I love how stoned you sound in those two comments, even though I know you’re not. You so craaaazy.

    And yes, most people in Egypt are not working based on the degree they have. I’ve gotten more lawyers applying for software developers than anything.

  4. HAHAHHA It is my low thyroid yo, I have lost my common sense hehehehe my friend was tellin me today how Canadian I sounded mwah ha ha!

    The thing is sometimes I wonder what exactly their degree is based on, you know? LIke have you ever talked to a pharmacist or doctor? Seriously, sometimes they tell you the weirdest things!

    Ps. Seriously though, we can have sum fun drivin round this big ol town. Heheheh me and my Egyptian drivin

  5. fun? driving? Now I KNOW you’re stoned on something.

    And yes, the things the doctors and pharmacists tell people here and believe are completely insane. People tend to believe things they hear, unfortunately logic is not often applied.

  6. and hey, if you want some fun driving come all the way over here to Maadi! we can get lost in the roundabouts!

  7. wooooo -weeeee roundabouts! Sounds like fun!

    Me gots to convince the hubby about Maadi. I will work on it in shaa Allah!

  8. Ps. I took my friends to the ladies cafe here in Nasr city today, they think its pretty funny me drivin like an Egyptian. Reminds me of the “good ol days” hahahaha.. drivin in the day time is not so bad though. Just honk a lot and sneak my car in front of other ppl… feel so powerful! I hate when it is too crowded though. I just want to smash my car into the arrogant moron’s head. Oops… did I say that?! MA LISH!

  9. haaaaahahahaha. you’re hilarious. You need to pass some of that over here, I need it myself. lol.

  10. Molly I think it’s really admirable that you’re staying on until you can hire someone competent. I wish you the best and May Allah give you the patience you need for the rest of your time there. And here. In General. Heh. Ameen.

  11. I think it’s really big of you to admit that you’re not cutting it. How many people would do that? Not many.

    You’ll be just fine.

  12. yea, my coworker said that. But when I doubt myself I think maybe I’m justifying quitting. I over-analyze myself.

  13. I think you have to do what you have to do to be menatlly stable!

    Very good to admit to yourself you are incapable and weighting the comapny down… most in the Middle East Do weight their companies down but will NEVER admit it.

    Make a deep istikhara and then ease your mind.

  14. Hi sweetie! Hey… what can I say.. I have that same mom-voice in my ear when trying to make decisions! I give you big kudos for hanging in and giving it a try as long as you did. You are doing the right thing for both you and the business. God is in control… love you!! Mom

  15. Follow your heart! If you’re not happy, quit! Someone better is bound to come your way. inshallah. 🙂

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