The Return of Zuzu

She met us at the door this evening!


Zuzu almost always meets us at the door; when we put our key in the lock we can hear her on the other side already welcoming us home and then she winds herself around our ankles, purring and waiting to be picked up and snuggled.

Its our homecoming ritual.

Ever since the surgery Zuzu had not been meeting us at the door and at times she wouldn’t even leave her sleeping place while at others it would take her a minute or two to get to the entry way and she was never looking for snuggles. But not tonight, tonight we heard her sweet meows before we even put our key in the door and had a purring cat demanding snuggles when we got in and dropped our stuff. In fact Zuzu was so intent on getting petted that she wanted it double-handed; if either of my hands was not petting her at any specific moment I got ‘the nudge.’

She had eaten all of the little bit of wet cat food I left for her AND she ate the most dry cat food I’ve seen her eat since the surgery. She even ate a little bit of the wet food I put for her once we got home. Its a 180 degree turn, alhumdulillah. She played with the lazer pointer- a little- even.

Oh how we missed our cat! Its so great to see her personality again. I don’t know how I would have handled it if I had lost her.

But alhumdulillah.


8 responses to “The Return of Zuzu

  1. 😀 That’s great news! Glad she’s doing better!

  2. Asiya Abdullah

    Alhamdu lillaah Alhamdu lillaah Alhamdu lillaah!

  3. Aw alhamdulillah! It’s just like with kids, they just aren’t them selves when they’re really sick. Yay ZuZu.

  4. That’s wonderful news!

  5. That’s awesome, I’m so happy ZuZu is back to her old self!

  6. Oh how wonderful! I was soooooo worried. Alhamdulilahhhhhhh!

  7. I’m glad she’s doing well!



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