Some Answers

After the surgery when Zuzu wasn’t eating and I had to take her in to the vet a second time I went and looked for canned cat food to get her to eat. I couldn’t find what I wanted and all of the foreign canned food had pork in it. Now, I’m not going to get into a debate about it being haraam to feed pork to your cat, but I figure I 1- didn’t want it in my house and 2- felt grossed out about giving it to her. So I bought an Egyptian brand, against my better judgement, called Snappy Tom.

To cut it short because we’re leaving in a few minutes, basically its canned crap and has inflamed/infected her gi tract (good guess Nawal) causing the vomiting and the bleeding. She’s got a fever right now but she got like five shots and a half of a pill so hopefully this barrage of medicine will help. She came home and drank some water so I feel better. I also purchased good foreign cat food from Dr. Mikhail for when she does start eating again. I put some on a dish for her but she only sniffed it with interest a few times and then walked away.

I just hope that inshAllah everything goes fine and she gets better. She had me so worried.


12 responses to “Some Answers

  1. What a relief to know what’s wrong and that she’s now had the medicine she needs! I hope you see a fast recovery for her.

  2. Humdullah πŸ™‚

    But I thought Snappy Tom was Australian? Are you sure?

    Also I buy it sometime for my kitties, I havent had problems. But then if it is Egyptian, you know, anything Egyptian could have something off in it. I heard once someone opened a jar of tomato sauce and found worms/maggots.

    I am sickened every time I have to “check” for worms now.

  3. I think Snappy Tom is Australian, Whiskers is better though.

  4. Asiya Abdullah

    Alhamdu lillaah, I literally sighed a sigh of relief when I read this! I knew people could get emotional over pets, but I never knew I would get so worried over someone elses, lol! Still keeping you all in my du’aa.

  5. InshaAllah I hope she will be feeling better soon. Have you considered giving her a small amount of white rice with chicken in it? I heard that is very soothing on the stomach in small portions.

  6. oh god poor kitty and she certainly didnt need that on top of everything else!! was the cat food from the doc alot more expensive??

    btw…this is jana z just blogging from the other blog.

  7. Wow. Yea I never thought about wondering weather or not cat food had pork in it. Actually I kind of assume it would? Not sure if it matters but I hope she’s better, poor thing’s been through a lot.

  8. Yeah we got it figured out! I have dogs and when they used to vomit it was usually when they were adjusting to a new type of food I bought but now I keep them on a chicken and rice or veggie type of dry dog food as they are no longer pups and pups usually have the soft or canned food until their teeth fully develop.

    My guess for the stomach issue was from the fact that if there was blood in the stools and the cat was vomiting, like humans the acid (from the stomach) can cause ulcerations and sores in the GI tract. Water and bland foods are best that are easier to digest. Easy on the stomach and intestines and less straining on the poop shoot. Hehehe, take care.

  9. Anxiously awaiting an update. Praying Allah cures Zuzu and she’s with you and us for a long, long time. Raabinna yeshfeeha!

  10. Ooooh salamit Zuzu!

    One time my mom used dog flea medicine on our cats instead of cat flea medicine because it was all she could find in the store and she assumed it has the same function under a different name. They night they started siezuring and we had to take them to the emergency vet in the middle of the night. Habibati!

  11. “I heard once someone opened a jar of tomato sauce and found worms/maggots.”

    I had that happen with a jar of salsa. In Pennsylvania. Can we say, “eeeewwwww.”

    At any rate, I’m so glad Zuzu is on the road to recovery. πŸ™‚

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