To Worse…

She’s defecating pure, dark, clotted blood now.

I’m bringing her in tomorrow morning to Dr. Mikhail who is coming in on his day off to see her. I just don’t know whats wrong and I don’t know how much I will sleep tonight.

What could be causing this?


7 responses to “To Worse…

  1. Oh no! Poor kitty… I hope everything is alright!

  2. Oh no! May Allah protect her.

    I havent any answers dear, Im sorry. Seems something really weird, not normal for this “routine” surgery. I hope your doctor is good! Do your best hun, to keep her comfy, and watch her as best u can and give her your love and trust in Allah. You have done everything right, so dont beat yourself up, you took her to the vet for check up and done all u could… so just make a lot of duaa, and trust in Him

    Im so sorry for the pain you both are going through 😦

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that. How scary. I hope she’s ok.

  4. Well…..since its a cat my guess would be a upper gastrointestinal tract bleed that could have been caused by something eaten or trauma….i dunno..let me know what the doc says.

  5. could have also been due to some kind of infection as well…..sorry to hear about your cat

  6. Asiya Abdullah

    I’m so sorry Molly, may Allaah heal her ameen. Your love for your cat just shines right thru your posts mashaa Allaah. Inshaa Allaah she’ll recover from all this. I’m making du’aa for you adn her!

  7. I’m so sorry you and Zuzu are going through this …

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