Some More About Zuzu

She still is not really eating or drinking. Mr. MM told me she drank a little bit of water last night but she doesn’t drink for me. I even tried to give her some chicken breast- food she follows me around the kitchen for on normal days, and she wouldn’t touch it. This morning it looked like she might have eaten some but it could have just been the chicken drying out and shriveling up.

She’s alert and awake but she doesn’t want to walk and when she stands up her hind legs shake and she still seems stumbly. I think its pain; she looks so miserable trying to lay down. I brought her with me to work this morning because I’m going to take her to the vet in a few hours. She won’t take the anti-biotic so the vet will give her an injection, poor baby, I remember what antibiotic injections feel like so I am already feeling sorry for her. I just want to make sure that her incision is not infected and find out why she is not eating. I also want to get something for her for pain, if possible.

She seems even more alert now, outside of the house. She wasn’t making many sounds at home but she voiced her opinion on the way to work. Or well.. she meowed a bit. On normal days she would have cried the whole way.

I still think it was a good idea to spay her but I’m wishing now that I would have done it in the states instead. I had planned to wait until then but she kept going into heat! I could have handled her being in heat once every few months but with her going back in after two weeks it just didn’t work.

Anyways, she’s better and yet she’s not. I wish she would drink some water or eat something. I can’t wait for this to be over.


8 responses to “Some More About Zuzu

  1. A little trick I learned was to put a drip of water on a cats nose. She will lick it off, one drip at a time, but be prepared for it to take a long time to get a decent amount of water into her.

    Do you get canned Friskies in Cairo? How about canned tuna in water? Those always get gobbled up at my house! Plus both contain water which will help hydrate her.

  2. yes we have wet cat food of many different brands but they’re so expensive we rarely buy them. We had some tuna packed in oil that I rinsed off, its hard to find water-packed tuna and I wanted to give her anything. I might go buy her a couple of cans of food right now cuz the dry food might be hard on her stomach. She’s so scrawny now. Poor baby.

  3. How many days has it been? It took at least 2 for Hali to get moving much. After that another two to eat – she threw up and stuff also. It was pretty horrible, as you said. But as long as she is getting better, in shaa Allah she will be find. It is pretty hard to have all your ovaries/reproductive organs removed.

  4. this is day three she had surgery on saturday. She threw up the first evening, but she had been without food so all she brought up was stomach acid.
    She’s eating today, little bits, but she seems to be handling it. What a horrible experience.
    How is Hali now?

  5. Oh ma shaa Allah everything should be ok then 🙂 Hali is super… back to normal ma shaa Allah. I know what ur feeling, I cried too, felt like the biggest bag of dirt when I saw her like that. Day by day it should get better. She will eat in shaa Allah.

    Ps. Something funny Hali likes to do – a ninja kick off the wall – looks kinda like a Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon move. In shaa Allah Zuzu will be back to normal soon 🙂

  6. I know right!? I felt like God was punishing me for what I did to her although I do feel that spaying is the right choice.


    Ninja-kick. Hilarious.

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