Into The Final Stretch

Just got back from the vet with Zuzu and she is doing so much better; the incision looks great. I think the stress of me bringing her to work and then to the vet made her metabolize the last little bits of post-surgery lethargy and anesthesia so now she is up and walking around. She even drank a little bit when she got home and ate a few treats and a bite of tuna.

But I swear to God I have two bowls of normal, clean water in the house that I kept tempting her with and yet she went straight to the bathroom where a tub of water soaking some dirty clothes is and drank from that, and then she went to an open drain in the slave bathroom and started drinking water from there. WTF?

I’m just glad to see her walking and being interested in stuff again. She was even purring when I was petting her which is a huge step forward.


I noticed something today: carrying an animal around in a carrier is equivalent to holding a huge neon sign that spells out “FOREIGNER” above my head. The looks I got from Egyptians were absolutely mystified. From Egyptians. After all the SUPER WEIRD SHIZ I see here EVERYDAY that they don’t even look twice at, they are puzzled by someone carrying a cat in a cat carrier.


Also I had an old Iraqi guy, a friend of the vet apparently, at the clinic ask me, “why are you fat?”

Dude… uncalled for.

Sensitivity training… Egypt needs it. I’m off to the bank now to be run around and vaguely insulted. Wish me luck.


17 responses to “Into The Final Stretch

  1. We bought our cat carrier at Carrefour. On the way out of the mall, a woman stopped dead still in the middle of the walkway, stooped to look inside it, and asked where the cat was.

    I’m glad Zuzu is feeling better.

  2. they sell cat carriers at carrefour? odd. There’s a pet supply shop on road nine across from beanos, thats where I bought mine. A bit overpriced but actually REALLY nice, I was comparing it to the ones offered for cheaper at the vet and they’re like the BMW version of cat carriers.
    I have a spoiled cat.

  3. We used to buy kitten food at that shop until they stopped having the brand we used. When we bought the carrier, they didn’t have any. The one from Carrefour was expensive but not so nice; now that it’s broken, we have a soft-side one we got at the vet, but we need to order one for airline travel. Our cats are spoiled, too; they just don’t know it 🙂

  4. go to that shop, they have nice ones. They wanted 180LE for a medium sized one but I talked them down to 160. Still a lot, but I think worth it. I bought a soft-sided one first but Zuzu managed to chew through the army-grade mesh. Them street cats are fighters.

  5. Eeek. I am sorry about your day. I really dont get that weight thing with Arabs. The first time I heard that, I totally freaked out.

    Ps. What carrefour?! I cant even find cat food there!

  6. I can just imagine the looks you got! How rude of that man. What the hell?

  7. The only appropriate response to, “Why are you fat?” is “Why are you a jackass?”
    For. Realsies.
    I used to work for a Moroccan man and he once told me that I needed to lose weight and he would “help” me with my diet. Now, it’s no secret that I’m a chunky monkey (or that his wife is 65 lbs soaking wet), but I’m not like, breaking furniture or – whatever. The point: I was creeped out that despite the fact that I wear loose and covering clothing, he was still observing my body in that fashion and saying things like, “you’re very pretty, but you’ll look a lot nicer if you lose some weight – especially near your waist.” Ew. He would always tell me how he works out and what I should do to work out. Funny, but not-so-funny story: he wasn’t skinny himself. And last summer, he had a triple bi-pass after he had a heart attack. I guess he was the one who needed to dish health advice?

  8. Umm Travis: It was in a section with a bunch of dog food and dog leashes. There also was a little bit of kitty litter, but it was obvious that it was primarily a dog section. There were only 2.

  9. we’ve gotten cat food at carrefour, the one in Maadi has a good amount of cat food but I’ve never seen carriers.

    Amie- people just need to lay off. When I lost a bunch of weight I never said anything to my heavy friends. sometimes people would ask “how did you do it?” and I would tell them but I think that in the whole wide world of unsolicited advice, unsolicited advice on how to lose weight is the worst. If I hadn’t been so utterly shocked I would have kicked him in the kneecap. Its a good thing I’m a generally nice and non-violent person. The funny thing is that the first thing I thought right afterward was “holy sh*t I have to blog that!”
    such is the chain of thought of a blogger.

  10. Glad your kittie is doing well! Our kitty has that funky habit of wanting to eat dirty water. What is up with that anyhow?

    And to el-jerko on the fat comment, I bet he was an ugly dork.

  11. Actually I put a bowl of water for my cats, and they always try to get into the sink (before it was the toilet but now I remember to close it) as well as leaky water spots. That is weird!

  12. L- OMG where have you been? I’m so glad to see you.

    And I don’t know what it is with dirty water, but the drain in the slave bathroom is now closed. she can drink from the tub but that drain carries water from the bathtub and the sinks and God only knows what else. Gross.

    Its an animal thing I guess… maybe it tastes better… to them. Remember these are animals that lick their own butts.

  13. History of Al Andalus

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  14. lol wow. i think i would’ve boxed that man out. i’m glad your cat is feeling better. what’s a slave bathroom? it sounds….different.

  15. why are you fat? wow nice OLD iraqi guy with great manners but loooool at amie and the guy saying youre really pretty but would look better if you lose some weight around your waist…WTH?? looool

  16. Naseem- in my flat there are two bathrooms; one is a very big lux bathroom and right next to it is the “servant” bathroom which is probably 4 ft long and 2 ft wide. if it had a toilet and a sink allong with the shower thats in there you could brush your teeth, wash your hair, and take a dump all at the same time and not have to reach. I call it the slave bathroom. Its a nice size for Zuzu’s litter box.

  17. Glad she’s doing better! And lol to that bathroom… 1. My parents old house had one similar. It had a tiny shower that you could barely turn around in… (note I could barely turn and this was in high school when I was half what I am now) a tiny toilet in the corner and a sink. If we got creative I’m sure we could have done all 3 at once lol. We all hated to use it and regularly stole my parents shower. 2. I’ve seen showers above the toilet overseas… Talk about multitasking lol.

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