Update on Zuzu

Yesterday was rough. Seeing anyone come down from anesthesia  is no fun but its doubly so when its a helpless animal that you’ve sworn to protect and have quite obviously failed. It was worse for me because it seems like she is in pain and the vet promised she wouldn’t be, to me that is a cruel deception. She was still pretty doped up when I went to bed last night, but she was up and moving around more this morning. I gave her the antibiotic- which she didn’t like of course- and tried to get her to drink some water but she didn’t seem to want to.

I kept her confined to the carrier while she was doped, otherwise she was stumbling and knocking herself on chairs and the wall and the floor, but this morning she seemed ambulatory enough for me to leave the cage door open and let her curl up where she is most comfortable. She hobbled around the room a little bit but when I checked in on her before leaving she had gone back and curled up in the carrier again. I was glad because I want her to like her carrier since she will be inside it for the flight home.

I believe that it is important to spay and neuter cats and dogs that aren’t going to be used for breeding. Allowing Zuzu to constantly be in heat and miserable seemed so irresponsible, but when the vet promised she would be up and feeling fine the next day- and she is obviously not- I begin to regret the decision. It hurt me so much to see her so miserable that all I could do was sob and pet her. It didn’t help when Mr. MM, who is not at all accustomed to voluntary surgical intervention on pets -or having pets in general- kept saying “haraam alayki*, look at how poor [wretched] she is.”

And she is wretched; she is skinny since she hasn’t eaten for two days, partially shaved, mussy fur, dialated eyes, with her tongue half sticking out. I would hold her except I don’t want to hurt her incision. For now I’m just giving her the antibiotic and letting her rest. Last night and all of her recovery while she was sleeping in the crate I had the space heater running at a low heat setting to keep her body heat up, its off now but I’ll turn it on again tonight I think, unless she is finally bouncing around like the dr said she would be. I don’t even want to try to put the antibiotic ointment on the incision because I don’t want to cause her pain; she’s guarding her lady parts like an all-star goalie.

My poor baby, my poor poor baby. I can’t wait until this is over.

*haraam alayki translates to something like ‘shame on you’ but not quite so chastising.


8 responses to “Update on Zuzu

  1. It’s very rough; I went through it with my two when they were only around 4 months old. I found that even when they didn’t seem to know where they were, they were comforted (or maybe I was comforted) when I petted them on their heads. It’s normal for them not to want to eat or drink anything for a day or so. There’s a post on my blog from 9/9/08 if you want to see how our kittens reacted, which from everything I’ve heard, was normal.

    I’m sure she’ll be fine. She just needs to come out from the anesthesia completely … but it’s so hard to watch.

  2. yes she does quiet down when I touch her and I slept for a short time next to the carrier when she was trying to get out. She curled up and went right to sleep while I was there.

    that trust is what makes me hurt all the more for having put her through it.

  3. aww poor girl. She will feel better soon and it’s way better in the long run. You will feel better soon too.

  4. kind of helps you understand what a mother must feel like when she lets the doctor give her kid a shot or go through some other painful medical procedure, doesn’t it?

  5. Aww.. Poor thing.. and poor you too.. I know how rough that is to watch. I remember Small Claims, a cat I used to have, having the same reaction coming off of the anesthesia… He looked like a very drunk kitty. Mumble came through it like a champ, was subdued for a few days after her spaying, but not nearly so bad. I’m glad she does well w/ it because she’s had it a lot recently w/ the whole brown recluse thing… She’s hurting enough as is, I cant imagine if she went through those withrawl things twice a week (or more at first).

    Btw… I think that last comment was right. I feel just as bad when my pets go through these things as w/ my baby. They’re my kids too… Granted I’d prob take a surgery a little (um lot) harder if Kalila had one, but so far it’s been the same feeling with the shots and sick visits and stuff.

  6. The big difference back here at home is that we rarely put them on Antibiotics because surgery is done in a sterile environment and they just don’t need it. We send them home on good pain management because having an organ removed is major surgery no matter what age, sex or species you are.
    If she isn’t in to eating one of the things you can try is baby-food (if it is available). The chicken or turkey flavors seemed to interest kitties. Sadly there isn’t a good over the counter pain med that we can safely recommend for kitties, as Tylenol and things like Aleve are toxic for our feline friends.
    You are doing great by keeping her warm and snuggled in! Please e-mail me if you need any help!!!

  7. aw 😦

    don’t worry, inshallah she’ll start to feel better. I remember we got our cats declawed (my mom’s choice, i was like 6) and my poor cleo had like casts on her arms.

    you did the right thing. the stray cat population is big enough. i’m glad bob barker’s msg got to you.

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