I’m sitting in cinnabon waiting for Zuzu to get out of surgery. The doc is really great, he really cares about animals and i guess he is the one who does all of the spaying and neutering for all of the shelters in cairo so i’m sure he is experienced. If you’re looking for a vet in Maadi or are willing to travel to Maadi i suggest Dr. Amir Mikhail. I’m blogging from my phone so excuse my spelling. I need to distract myself. Wtf i just ran out of typing space. Lame. I’ll go back to reading.


5 responses to “Ramble

  1. Aw I hope she recovers quick.

  2. He’s a really good vet. He was recommended to us by the shelter where we adopted our kittens, and we’ve been completely pleased with him.

    I, too, hope Zuzu recovers quickly. Don’t be surprised when he sends her home still pretty doped up; you’ll be in for a rough night, but she should be better in the morning.

  3. Holy guacamole was this post incoherent. I was beside myself with worry.

  4. so how is she doing?

  5. I just posted, see above. 🙂

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