There’s No Place Like Home *click heels*

Sometimes I lack words to describe how much I hate this country. Omg I hate it so much and most of the people in it. I want to vomit hate words.


hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate

This country, and most of the people in it, disgusts me.

In other parts of Africa; this from Uganda:

“What’s wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an accident because some of our people are weak mentally,” he [Uganda’s ethics and integrity minister] said.

Feel free to comment. I know you want to.


4 responses to “There’s No Place Like Home *click heels*

  1. A fellow Muslim Egy mama

    Muslim converts hates us and think we are nothing but some shallow,lazy asses,vain,backbiters,crooked,rude,mentally retarded pigs and if we tried to be friendly and come closer to you then we are probably some psycho stalkers too..this is a fact I concluded after a prolonged survey I made on converts blogs and bloggers ..whatever efforts we exerted to prove your theory to be faulty,you will keep on hating us.I wonder why is the generalization??!!!…Egyptians love Obama and hate Bush and both came from the same land.but you are not willing to love any of us..when dealing with Egyptians you are always expecting the worse to happen even before it happens,you don’t even give us a chance to prove that we got good brains and can think the way you do.If we are that disgusting why you decided to marry an Egyptian??!!or you think he is one of a kind..lots of us and women got the very same traits you loved your hubby for ,probably coz we were raised on the same land ,got the same notions and the same beliefs..Most of us don’t offend until we are only this time we can be really bad.but who can blame us,we didn’t start the fire..;)
    Me too hate lots of my fellow citizens,most probably for the same reasons you hate them for..but I’m just protesting against the idea of Generalization which “unfortunately”most of you adopt…
    Come on…fellow Muslims…We don’t deserve ALL THAT HATE…at least not all of us…
    Believe it or not ..we don’t hate you ,why do u? know ,we too have very bad experiences with “some” of you, but we are flexible enough not to generalize..

  2. You have a valid point but I’ve spoken highly of my husband’s family and I have spoken about having Egyptian friends so its obvious that I don’t hate EVERYONE in this country. I also should have made a distinction and said I hate most people in this CITY. People in the Saieed were nice, people in Alex are relatively nice, Hurghada was delightful. I don’t want to live in those places but they’re not as bad as Cairo.

    But it really is a huge percentage of people here who are rude.

  3. A fellow Muslim Egy mama

    You are probably the first convert who speaks highly of her in-laws!!;)..they must be very good people.hehe :)..BTW Cairo inhabitants do hate Cairo as well ..its our kids’ schools and hubbies work which stick us to this super annoying place..Alex. is my favorite too..;)
    BTW..a really high percentage of people “there”are “SUPER RUDE” as well…Again ,we can’t be blamed for being a bit “rude”with a super rude person who don’t smile back or who “deliberately”ignore us…Dignity matters a lot to hot blooded people like us..
    Anyways hope you enjoy your stay here “regardless of the obvious structural flaws which I can’t deny”and hope you find more good people like your hubby’s family..coz trust me they exist…You can gain Egyptians love with a simple smile…


  4. I’m starting to believe everyone hates Cairo – including the president who ditched it for some place else. I love my in-laws and I have many, many Egyptian friends that I adore. However I’ve had some bad experiences as well – including a few male Egyptian stalkers and recent conversation where an Egyptian told me that Obama is just as evil as Bush – America is evil in general, and blah buh blah. The thing is, you’re going to have bad experiences everywhere with any type of people. While I know at least one who worships the very sands of Egypt, I think one reason why convert women who live as ex-pats in Egypt hate it so much: they expected something different. My husband (Egyptian from Alex) had a very hard time visiting Egypt a few weeks ago mostly because of the men. He said it makes him ill to think that a lot of the young men of the country would rather spend time chasing/harassing women than actually trying to pursue something to benefit their lives and families while still expecting their women to be subservient and wholesome. He said, however, attitude reflects leadership, and we all know how great Egypt’s leaders can be.
    I have never visited Egypt, so it is unfair for me to label it or make judgments, but I know that people are imperfect and that I’m going to meet a family that I love. I know I can’t expect to find perfect Islam even if it is an Islamic country and it’s going to be a very different experience from my own normal life. I guess that’s all I need to know.

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