how do you spell hick again?

Facebook in all of its wonderousness has allowed me to get in touch with a lot of the people I knew in junior high and high school. I had the (mis?)fortune of growing up in very small, rural towns both in Minnesota and (gasp) Wisconsin so we can assume that most of the kids I knew were… well lets just be honest: hicks.

Country Bumpkins.


Growing up immersed in it I knew that a lot of them were straight ignorant but I never realized exactly how uneducated I had been when I graduated from school. I’m not going to say I was ignorant because I was not but looking back holy guacamole was the education I received from them lacking. Even after three years at a community college (yes yes yes its only supposed to be two years but I screwed around a little) I was still lacking. I remember going to, and just hating, an intro to rhetoric class at the University of Minnesota and it being completely over my head. Thats why I hated it and cursed my professor who I now remember fondly as actually being really cool; it was my first time being introduced to an authentic and thought-provoking education. It made me think dammit, what the hell!

Of course a handful of years later and I’m far beyond what I was when I graduated high school but reading my old school-chums’ updated statuses really brings it all full circle.

They can’t spell. Basic grammar elludes them. And they basically live within a 20 mile radius of where they grew up. Actually quite a few of them still hang out in the same cliques!

One friend consistantly puts her status as “MV: is so board.” Like everytime its always spelled “board.”

I remember once back in high school during senior year I came across another classmate’s essay for a class on one of the library computers. It read like it had been written by a 5th grader.

And he graduated with us!!!!!!!!!


I don’t mean to be hating on my schoolmates or anything or to be dumping on them. I just have to look back and say alhumdulillah for where I am now. InshAllah I will have enough money to put my kids in private school or at least a public school with a stellar education plan because I don’t want my kids to come out of high school as uneducated and I and my classmate’s did.

But seriously facebook is a hoot. If only to see how fat/rich/poor/knocked up/famous/far-flung your classmates have become. Its like a 24/7 high school reunion.

I do intend to blog about the Moulid An-Nabi (the birthday of the Prophet) so.. maybe tomorrow. Once I upload the pic of my aroosa halawa.


7 responses to “how do you spell hick again?

  1. I just realized how much I miss the good ‘ol boys from high school. We recently had 2 building engineering experts in to review some documents for a case, and I was in charge of hosting them. Their request? Mountain Dew, lots of Mountain Dew.

    Aww, it takes me back.

  2. LOL understood… W/ me its family. One side of it is “redneck and proud”. It’s absolutely crazy… We have a reunion every year and they play it up to the point its almost embarrassing. BUT… it is funny!

  3. Oh My God. You should totally comment; It’s Bored. BORED!

  4. Rahma- Man, my dad taught me how to drive with a mountain dew clutched between my knees. M, high school memories. Now I just need a country song playing.

    MK- My family is not so much proud redneck as just redneck. Or my dad’s side. My mom’s side isn’t redneck at all. I take after my mom’s side methinks.

    MM- I think it would go over her head. I’m not kidding.

  5. I know exactly what you mean. Unfortunately, I’m living in my old high school bedroom, at the moment, but at least I’ve actually seen some other parts of the world. In the closest town to my high school (though my house is closer to another larger, Purdue-hosting city), there is a large population of Hispanics. When people see my facebook picture with Mr. B, I get a lot of “so, is he Mexican?” Cracks me up that that’s the only “foreigner” they’ve ever known.

  6. BOARD, board!? Are you joking me. I would say something. I honestly have a very small tolerance for misspelled words. In fact, it drives me absolutely bonkers!!! Dude, if I ever make a spelling mistake PLEASE let me know lol. Also, I think a big reason why kids are idiots these days is because their parents are idiots and don’t check up on their studies, etc. I went to some pretty shitty schools (especially my high school) but I feel I’m a pretty smart person 😀

  7. Thats what I’m saying. Its all about the person, my schoolmates have had the same opportunities that I have in terms of educating myself. I chose to do so, they chose not to.

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