1.) I’m sick again. This time its mostly just a really bad cold, so alhumdulillah. But for real I’m so tired of getting sick. I could become a hermit with my desire to stay away from the bagillion germs that are outside. Cairo is straight dirrty dirrty.

2.) Zuzu is in heat… yet again. I totally thought it would be months before she went back into heat because all of the websites say it starts out slowly and gets closer together as the cat gets older. Nah… two weeks. Two weeks, only. She’s not in full-blown howly-yowly mode yet, she’s just in the let-me-rub-myself-on-everything-you-own phase. I like how friendly she gets but I’m not looking forward to the yowling. Seriously it seems like just yesterday she was in heat last time. This sucks. This weekend I need to crack down on finding the cleanest yet most affordable place to get her spayed. Its the best for her, really. I can’t imagine she’s enjoying being in heat.


4 responses to “Again?

  1. Up your vitamin C intake, wash hands frequently, eat a healthy diet, drink lots of water, that might help.

  2. OH 😦 I know a vet here in Heliopolis that seemed fine. I was impressed anyway – it cost about 400 le for a girl kitty though 😦 and the poor girl is out of it for 2 days. It really sucked.

    Sorry u are sick again sis. The moment we came back from North Coast yesterday I had a sore throat from the pollution. Imagine! I take throat drops all the time, and try to stay indoors. HAHAHA Egypt rocks! (not)… get me outta this smelly city! Just wait for summer, and melting donkey crap and spoiling garbage on the hot pavement… yum yum

  3. Oh I am sorry to hear that! I am just getting over a cold too… is an awful feeling.

  4. I will just fly over and take care of it for you. I will need to remember to bring a few things…but I am sure we can get it done. πŸ™‚ You said you want me to come over this weekend?

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