Random Snaps

I’ve got a lot on my mind right now and nothing concrete to say. But I do have some WTF things I want to get out there.

1.) The (insert foul language at will) American Embassy call center charges 2LE a minute (!!!) for me to sit on hold forever to make a petition appointment.  2 !!! a MINUTE !!!! Who the #(@&$ are they kidding here?

2.) Sil’s cat has month-old kittens and egads are they like the cutest things on earth. I didn’t think it was scientifically possible for anything to be that cute. They’re crossed Shirazy and moon-face Persian so basically are poof balls with round faces and they have newly discovered, although not yet perfected, the fine art of walking/pouncing. Sometimes they try to do both at once and its hilarious. You know the bambi scene where bambi’s hind end overtakes his front end? Like that except kittens. Its also cute to watch them try to wash themselves like mama cat, they’ll get the one leg up in the air but be unable to coordinate the bend and lick while staying upright movement. I could spend hours doing nothing but watching, petting, and holding them.

3.) On the taxi ride home last night (they always give me good time for introspection considering Cairo traffic) I was ruminating on how much I hate Arab culture and how different it was from Islam and a single thought came to me like a lightening bolt out of the darkness:

I am not Muslim because of culture, I am Muslim despite it.

And its so true. Believing in Islam is a core thing for me, I would not be me without it, but the culture in the Middle East and also places like Pakistan/India and Malaysia (plus every single AFRICAN Muslim country) makes me want to run away screaming. Seriously these cultures NEED to rethink their PR strategy.

I really really really hate the cultural BS here.

4.) Can I think of something sunny to end it on?

Uff no, I actually am still obsessed about the MFA program only now I’m plagued by the certainty that I won’t get in. I mean they have a “list of candidates” on the website and most all of them are more qualified than me. So thinking about the program gives me butterflies and then looking at it gives me a bellyache. I am thinking about putting myself to a regimen of reading the great (and mostly suicide-inducing) authors of all history and reading Praust and Sartre (who I actually really enjoy) and then making myself write super stellar stories and works of fiction so that when they open my portfolio there will be choirs of angels singing and a soft golden light emminating from my masterpieces.


Considering I can’t even apply until December, I’ve got time. Now does anyone know where I can find Proust in Cairo?


4 responses to “Random Snaps

  1. pictures of the kittens, please? or better yet–video?

  2. I have pics on my phone. Will upload as soon as it is lap-topably possible. My laptop sucks.

  3. 1) I love your blog – I always look forward to your new postings. Any MFA program that doesn’t take you needs to rethink its acceptance strategy.
    2) Your lightning bolt hit me like a lightning bolt as well: I am not Muslim because of culture, I am Muslim despite it. As a convert, I see a lot of other converts trying to become more and more [insert name of predominantly muslim country/nationality here], but that really isn’t the point, is it? The only point is your Islam, and although I have never lived in a Muslim country I’m pretty sure it would make me bonkers once the exotic wore off.
    3) I would not object to seeing kitten pictures. 🙂

  4. Ditto on the culture thing. It is mind boggling sometimes to go out of the house and have to deal with the completely backwards things that go on out there. And if you dare to mention Islam in a sentence commenting on anyone’s behavior, they are like: ‘What do you know, you wacky foreigner?’

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