I Really Dun’ Wanna Work


Some days you just don’t want to get up.

7 responses to “I Really Dun’ Wanna Work

  1. Yea, it’s within your rights to take a sleep day.

  2. cute but..i don’t get it.

  3. Love him to death, but my Masri man is a professional napper. Sometimes I envy his ability to nap when and wherever. He has mad napping skillz. Today I didn’t want to get up either. *sigh*

  4. some days, or all days? 😀

  5. every.single.day.

    God I’m lazy. lol.

  6. I hear you. I slept until 0ne today! Then again I have not been sleeping and I am sick with a ucky head cold plus its rainy and thundery so ya know.

  7. Egypshun naps rule!

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