Tex-Mex and Movies

Mr. MM and I went to Citystars yesterday and ate Tex-Mex at On the Border and then watched two, yes TWO, movies. It was delightful.

We watched 7 Pounds first, with Will Smith. It was an awesome movie, of course, I mean c’mon Will Smith is in it, can it be anything else? I commented to Mr. MM afterwards that I really want to watch a movie where Will plays a complete ass-hat, a character that everyone hates because he’s so evil. I think Will is an amazing actor (and nice to look at) and he’s made some really awesome character and movie choices in the past. But I think its time for him to step out and take his acting in a different level. Of course it will be disturbing cuz everyone just wants to love him, but I think it will prove once and for all that he is a well-rounded and amazing actor.

The movie, 7 Pounds, was great. I recommend watching it if you can, but keep some tissues next to you.

The second movie that we watched was Benjamin Button. Man, I’ve been waiting for this movie for AGES, and it was worth it. It wasn’t as touching as 7 Pounds in terms of emotionality, but it was such an epic life-story movie that at the end you feel like you just lived an entire lifetime in it, and not a boring one. My one and only complaint is the juxtaposition of Hurricane Katrina. I think it added nothing whatsoever to the movie but detracted from the storyline. Yes the story takes place in New Orleans and yes Katrina was a tragedy, but what on earth did it add to the movie? Nothing. Also I’d like to hear what people have to say about Cate Blanchett’s accent, how accurate was it? Umm Abdo? DP?

Benjamin Button is going to be a classic one; of those movies I watch with my kids and grandkids. I certainly want to buy it.

In the taxi home from the mall last night I was again struck by how much I am obsessed with Cairo and yet despise it. I want to see, feel, and touch all of the textures and history here and yet the whole place gives me a sour taste in the back of my throat. I hate living here so much and yet I know how much I’m going to miss this accursed place. Its frustrating, I know I’ll find myself here again whether or not I want to.

But right now all I want is to be far, far away.


12 responses to “Tex-Mex and Movies

  1. OH Fun! I like Will Smith’s films too. Especially The Pursuit of Happiness and I am Legend. I need to see Benjamin Button…it looks so interesting.

  2. “I hate living here so much and yet I know how much I’m going to miss this accursed place.”-hee, hee..You sound like a true Egyptian! Egyptians have a profound love for Egypt but they’ll take the first plane ticket out if they have the chance!
    And you’re right about Will Smith-he needs a new role. I liked that movie-The Pursuit of Happyness.

  3. There were no malls or decent theatres or fancy Mexican food in Cairo when I lived there but I enjoyed my time there. Maybe as a Muslim now, I would find it different and more disappointing. I know I feel that way about Jordan. Yes, there are interesting things to see and do, but still one is hurt that the Muslim society one came for is not there and people lie and cheat and steal, etc. Been here six years and it can be a love hate relationship.

  4. Honestly, Brad Pitt makes me want to puke. I don’t know what it is, but he just bugs me.

    I had no clue what benjamin button was even about other than the fact that mr pitt and cate blanchett were in it. I sure hope it is better than that move BABEL they were in together a few years ago. It was vulgar in a totally unnecessary way.

    Since you gave the movie good reviews, I may have to see it when it comes on DVD. About the accent…I never knew what a New Orleans accent sounded like. It was just the way we talk. It sounded completely normal to me. It took 3.5 years of living away from New Orleans to be able to hear the accent.

    I noticed it for the first time on my second day in New Orleans in 2006. I went shopping at Whole Foods and until that morning I only interacted with my family. I asked some guy in the produce dept for something and he said over here daahhhhlin (darling) and I nearly fell on the floor. So this is what I sounded like when I first moved and everyone giggled whenever I talked. The entire month long trip I got chills whenever someone talked to me.

    Some people say that it comes out of me at times. I’ll report back with my findings.

  5. Salaam Alaikum,

    Umm AR – Oh my! I watched Babel with my husband and his cousin and I nearly died of shame. We had to keep fast forwarding it. You are right, it was completely gratuitous nudity.

    I understand the love/hate thing too. I feel it about Syria and yes, I probably will end up there too.

  6. dictatorprincess

    Cate Blanchett’s accent is teh suck. She sounds like someone auditioning for scarlett o’hara in their high school’s production of gone with the wind. UAR is right on the rest.
    When i moved here, i had to learn to speak”normal” english. people can’t handle hearing me talk southern.

  7. dictatorprincess

    forgot to mention i am an equal opportunity hater, i didn’t like how southerner renee zellwegger tried to speak “oh so british” either.
    Not to mention Madonna’s accent. I just hate changing accents period.

  8. lol dp, I find it fascinating how some people can learn accents. I, myself, can really only sound Minnesotan. Sometimes, like when I lived in Phoenix, I lost it a little bit but everytime I went home to visit all of my AZ friends would give me crap about how strong my accent was when I returned. I went to a chiropractor here in Cairo who was from Toronto and I said something and he cracked up and said, “I can still hear the Minnesotan in your voice.”

    I can’t do accents to save my life.

    But I did think Cate’s accent sucked, I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t crazy. How was Brad’s? Sometimes he would say some words and it just sounded odd, did he do a good accent?

  9. I actually want to read the novel version of Benjamin Button first…
    I do recommend Slumdog Millionaire though.

  10. are you sure there is a novel version? From what I understand the movie idea was taken from a short story written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Now I would love to read the short story but who did a novel?

  11. I would LOVE to see Slumdog Millionaire but I havent the faintest idea WHERE I could find it here. /cry

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