Random Thoughts and Jean Paul Sartre

I love to write.

I wouldn’t have a blog if I didn’t love to write, and if I didn’t think my inane thoughts might possibly be interesting to other people. But I love to write. Love. Love. Love.

Mr. MM has always been a vocal activist for my pursuing a Masters degree in something, anything. I think he has a fetish for graduate degrees ;). I had pshawed it originally because I couldn’t think of anything I really WANTED to get a graduate degree in. I love communications but the only thing I could do with a graduate degree in that is teach. Not a bad proposition since it is a dream of mine to become a university professor (hang out at the university for the rest of my life and immerse myself in intellectual discussions on a daily basis?! COUNT ME IN!) but not an idea that grabbed me.

But when I was sick and an invalid I had a lot of time to muse, in between periods of drugged out sleep, and one of the things I mused on was writing and how I want to, intend to, would love to, write novels and screenplays but how pathetically untrained and unfocused I am in my writing. Ya’ll know it, I ramble. Half of whats in my head is not cohesive- even to me.

So, why don’t I study writing?? What a novel idea!!! (pun-intended because I’m geeky like that.)

And I found that the U of Minnesota, the uni that has my heart (even if I did cheat on it with ASU,) has a graduate program in CREATIVE WRITING. Be still my beating brain-mass!

The class list makes me drool and I even gave myself stomach cramps yesterday looking at a map of the U of M campus (where I worked for two years and studied for one.) There’s something about any University campus that just smacks of intellectual culture and literary adventures but the U of M, for me, is like the heart and soul of the concepts. Minneapolis is actually a haven for such higher learning and the U of M is it’s crown jewel for all that Minnesota has the reputation as being nothing but hunt/fish/farm/sleep.

Oh, steamy cups of over-priced coffee creations on a bitterly-cold winter morning with a 10-page paper due in the afternoon? I must be masochistic but God I miss that.

Check out of the Creative Writing MFA Program at the University of Minnesota. At some point in the future I will, inshAllah, be joining it.

What else was I going to write about? I don’t know, I’m distracted now with daydreams of deadlines, text books, and exhaustive research projects.

Oh yes, Zuzu. She’s getting spayed inshAllah. I’m sad because I wanted to let her have one litter before I stole her opportunity to be a mother but its just not going to work. Its unfair to let her go into heat again, and I don’t want to get her knocked up with the hopes of getting the visa and moving back to the states ASAP hanging over our heads. Its just not a plausible idea and would possibly be outright irresponsible. My poor baby. She’s just going nuts, its been like 4 days or more now? I don’t know. But she always comes to me and begs to be petted, and then when I scratch her haunches or the base of her tail she goes nuts and follows me around the house for hours pointing her behind at me and squatting. Its frankly pornographic.

Secondly I was not terribly enthusiastic about getting her spayed HERE. I have not been impressed by the cleanliness and equipment of the vets here. Hell I haven’t been impressed by the cleanliness or equipment of the PEOPLE hospitals here. So I’m going to be all that more worried about her because of that. But its preferable to her suffering every few weeks by going into heat.

BTW for anyone who is wondering or right now penning their furious comment to me about how its “haraam” to do that:




Oh and Jean Paul Sartre? I just really like his play No Exit and I saw it somewhere online. Also everyone should read the book Zorro by Isabel Allende because it flipping ROCKS, and you should see the movie Into The Wild because it also rocks and touches your heart.

That is all.


9 responses to “Random Thoughts and Jean Paul Sartre

  1. Assalamu alaikum,

    If you need more ammunition re: spaying, check here:


    Spaying earlier in life has a lot of health benefits, like reducing the risk for some cancers. Plus, from what I’ve read, there isn’t any advantage for a cat to having litters. And, even one litter would contribute to the overpopulation problem.

    And, re: shafi’i position on cat hair – this is why we can take dispensations and follow other schools 😉 I follow the hanafis in that regard.

  2. “Be still my beating brain-mass!” This cracked me up ya nerd! Jk, I wish you the best!

  3. I fought the good fight about having animals fixed, too. Good on you. The only thing I outright refuse to do is de-claw. Seriously, it’s nasty as hell what they do and kind of reminiscent of POW torture if you ask me. BLEH. Baby nail clippers + snip, snip = no more problems. Anyway, it is pornographic, and while Ms. Bingy has had three “litters” of only one or two babies at a time, she’s getting fixed as well. She doesn’t come into heat often (about once every two-three months), but it’s still gross and annoying. I too would be worried about getting her fixed in the ‘gypt, but what do I know?

  4. Oh, and p.s. GET YO MASTER’S FO’!!!!! Mr. B wants me to get a degree in creative writing, too, but I don’t think he realizes that that doesn’t exactly pay to sustain life where and how he would like to live, but it’s still on the roster of ideas.

  5. Yay for the SPAY!!! You already know how I feel about this subject! If you are back in MN, you know I will be there in a heartbeat. The question now is if I can take my trip to Egypt before you get your ass back there. (crossing fingers)

    Miss you!

  6. Salaams Sis:

    I wouldn’t let her have a litter over there the way some sisters describe the treatment of animals there.

    But I agree with the spaying. What I did was to just get my kitty done quietly. I didn’t tell anyone.

    Also, yes, declawing a cat is cruel. So much of their expression is with their claws. Especially the dew claw. I have watched my cat catch flies right out of the air with his dew claw. Subhanallah!

    Molly, is this creative writing program an online program?

  7. Wonderful, wonderful news. So we can look forward to more from you in the future? I can’t wait–I hang on your every post, seriously, you are soooo funny!

  8. I had my two kittens–adopted from a shelter here in Egypt–spayed by a vet in Maadi (www.ourpetclinic.com). Overall, I was satisfied with the experience. It’s definitely different from in the States, though. He didn’t keep them overnight, so they were home with us while recovering from the anesthesia, which was a miserable experience for us, although the cats received care from us all night when they would have been alone at the clinic. But he dealt well with an infection that one of my cats had afterward, even sending someone to my house to give an antibiotic shot on Friday (even he couldn’t force my feisty cats to take oral medicine). I know your extended family probably has recommendations for vet services and you probably already have your own vet, but one American to another, I’d recommend this one without hesitation.

  9. I will support you habibiti in everything you will study especially writing, you know how much I love to read what you write, because I believe you are a great writer and I am sure you will be very famous and great author one day inshaa Allah. I love you.

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