A picture we took while in Aswan.


8 responses to “Aswan

  1. ma shaa Allah! that is so beautiful! i am soooo jealous! me wants to go toooooooo

  2. I did not know you had a blog!? Awesome must read, and I will…

    • by the way it’s me Holly if you hadn’t figured it out this is an old blog I made a few years ago and starting to use it now.

  3. Aww look! Little….sun boat thingies (forgots ze arabi) Something-something -shams. Heh. Beautimous.

  4. subhan’Allah, beautiful just beautiful!

  5. eh “sunboats” da? They’re called faluccas.

    Aswan is amazing, really. So beautiful and peaceful, but hot as HELL in the summer.

  6. MashaAllah that is gorgeous Molly, how are you way out there?

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