O! Mine Ears Are Bleeding!

Zuzu is officially in heat and dear God the yowling and howling and meowing. She’s driving me insane.


4 responses to “O! Mine Ears Are Bleeding!

  1. oh…my….god. i have a female cat who is an indoor cat. he heat comes every two or three weeks and she drives me INSANE. and the weird part is that she gets worse when my sons enter the room. she actually camps outside of one of my sons bedroom when his door is closed. they are thoroughly disgusted by this lol. im planning on having her spayed.

  2. OH god. Bingy does the same thing. And tries to get anything and anyone to hump her. She rubs all upon Mr. B which strangely makes me mad lol and presents her rear to the male cats (who are fixed, mind you). Totally irrelevant, but funny: she’s a V-card stealer. She took Tigger’s and Alex’s v-cards before they were fixed, and now we have Sam, a young kitten (too young for the bang-bang) and she’s trying to solicit him as well. She bes a ho.

  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa a ho.

    So Zuzu is really friendly, but M won’t go near her so she rubs all up on me and when I scratch the base of her tail she goes nuts and does the squat and then follows me around the house squatting like I’m a male cat or something. Its pretty hilarious. I feel so bad, if I knew of an unfixed male cat I would have gone and borrowed him by now just cuz I feel so bad for her.

  4. no one should want to get screwed that badly.

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